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Your submission does not guarantee publication; we focus on quality writing about relevant issues that are aligned with the Four Pillars of Progressivism that Real Progressives is built on. How to submit to the website:

  • WATCH: Before you begin the submission process please view the award-winning video, How to Submit an Article by Billy the Real Progressives’ Technical Coordinator. Okay, it didn’t win any awards, yet, but it will make your experience much more friendly. Here is the step-by-step process:

    If you are an old pro here is a quick refresher:

    1. Sign-up to the website
    2. Login
    3. Click: "Create New Post"
    4. Creating an article is a simple process.
      1. Add a title
      2. Add Body Text and save
      3. Click the image tab and upload an image. Make sure you have rights to the image you're uploading and that it doesn't contain text as it will be scaled across devices.
      4. Save the article and then press "Submit for Approval"

If you are new and need a little more direction:

  • SIGN UP: First step, please sign up at Real Progressives, there you can upload your profile picture and your name so you can be properly credited for your writing and production work. Please note that in order to have your article published by Real Progressives, you must be in our database.
  • SUBMIT: Now that you have signed up, login. You can submit your article and pictures through the website, which is the preferred method and will make our editors very happy.
  • GRAPHICS: Please include at least one appropriate picture or graphic that is directly related to the article you are submitting, please no memes, composites or info graphics are fine though. You can upload your pictures to your article submission by clicking on the image tab. You must have at least one picture to post as a thumbnail related to your article. If you do not attach pictures or graphics then RP’s editors will choose a picture we feel is appropriate for your piece and you are not allowed to complain. RP reserves the right to use or not use the files you provide.
  • CONTENT: Real Progressives does not promote censorship, in fact just the opposite. But do realize that we believe in the power of words and we encourage you to use that power responsibly to present factual, well-researched and accurately cited evidence to support your writing. Citations must take place as embedded links that you include in your submission or you can simply embed a list of links to the sources you used at the end of your article. We really don’t want to have to reject your contribution due to hate speech, threats of violence, or lack of credible sources, or dubious hyperlinks. But we will.
  • EDITING: Yes, we do review your article and yes we make sure you haven’t made any spelling slip-ups or egregious grammar gaffes. But please be aware that Real Progressives is a humming hive of progressive activity and we are all busy worker bees with schedules bursting. In addition (I always hate when people write this but I am at a loss for words), substantive editing takes substantial time, so if your article is a cornucopia of red and green squiggles, the longer it will take for us to process it and the greater the chance of it not getting published at all. Not trying to be mean, just being honest.

Thank you for your submission. Your article has been submitted for review. If there are any issues with your article, you will be contacted by the site editors. Otherwise, it will appear on the Community section of the website in 1-3 days.

Email any questions to Real Progressives