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Fight For The Future All-Day Epic Livestream June 11, 2019

Concerned about Net Neutrality? So are we at Real Progressives.

Millions of people have demanded that Congress restore net neutrality. On June 11, Senators who support net neutrality will try to force a vote using a procedure called “Unanimous Consent."  

Our own Savage Joy will appear on Fight For Our Future at 5:30 pm Eastern. She will be one of multiple internet stars, Senators and public figures fighting to defend net neutrality in this epic livestream from 8am-6pm Eastern.

Do your part by using the link below to fill out the form and tell Congress why you support net neutrality TODAY.  

Fight for the Future is dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet. Alongside internet users everywhere they beat back attempts to limit our basic rights and freedoms, and empower people to demand technology (and policy) that serves their interests.

Technology & Innovation