The Haymarket Riot: Birth of American Labor Day

Progressives should understand its origin, and the sacrifices those who gave all made to establish the what little rights we now have in order to continue the struggle for a living wage.

Progressives Need to Understand Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday that often sees sales, parades, and barbecues. Very few people actually understand the true meaning of this late-summer holiday. It is important that as progressives, we need to recognize the importance of what led to this holiday and how unions, the reason it was established, are being attacked.

Let's Stop Ignoring The Benefits of Union Membership For All Workers, Not Just Union Members

Like the history of America itself, the history of unions is America is...complicated.  From the corrupting influence and control of some unions by organized crime; to the public demonization of unions that ramped up as a result of Ronald Reagan's firing of striking, unionized federal air traffic controllers in 1981, unions have been both vilified by crony manipulation and a powerful tool for the advancement of workers' rights and expansion of benefits.