Semantics Regarding 'Taxes Do Not Fund Spending'

So stop wasting time and lives by arguing that the statement is not true!

Tax Reform? We're Having the Wrong Discussion

...We should be worrying about the public purpose, instead.

TT&L Accounts and Bond Sales are Veils Over Reality

As a supplement to my article from yesterday regarding the operational reasons why federal taxes are not revenue, today, I wish to briefly touch on further operational realities of federal taxation and bonds sales and why they are veils that only obscure the underlying reality of how federal spending works.

The Operational Reason Why Federal Taxes are Not Revenue for the Federal Government

Operationally, it is impossible for the federal government to spend the proceeds of tax collections. Since this is a major topic of interest for laypersons, I’m going to explain operationally why your dollars paid in federal taxes are not spent by the federal government on anything.