Through The Distortion, Flickerings of Illumination

As these examples show, our overseas mass killers, the military, provide the U.S. persona with an edgy chaos that's psychopathically hip in a Training Day meets Apocalypse Now sort of way.

Not Radicals, but Self-Propagandizers & Fashionistas

Just as Move On and the Tea Party, in spite of yelling angrily at each other across the ideological divide, both lead us to the same voting booth that is owned lock, stock and barrel by big money and the two mainstream parties, so all fashion statements from avant-garde to proletarian to conformist lead to the same place: the feeding of the capitalist maw.

Is Peaceful Revolution Possible?

As most progressives already know, John F. Kennedy once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” The corporate cabal that has usurped our government appears never to have taken Kennedy’s words to heart, as they have made it glaringly clear that peaceful revolution via the ballot box is not possible.

Stay Awake: Orwell's 1984 in 2016

We live in turbulent times mired in the problems of perpetual war and insecurity. The Internet has brought to light the caustic tales of oppression, propaganda, and rebellion. Peace has become the outlier. In a time where unprecedented scientific discoveries and efficiency have ruled the day, the people have become less free, more fearful and ultimately disposable. Our world has become a dystopian, inverted, totalitarian state. We have become the batteries in the matrix. The fodder for the war machine.