A Christian Take on Progressivism

As we know, the Christian Right has a conservative bias when it comes to politics. That bias does not often line up with the words of Jesus Christ.

The End of the Duopoly is Nigh

Fooling the masses will not be the key for victory for the Establishment.

Depression Among Progressives

As progressives, there is no shortage of things to break us down, but we shouldn't let that make us lose sight of what lifts us up.

The Future of Social Media, Part II

The need to decentralize our social networks is now more important than ever.

Bernie Sanders Has a Major Problem

Yes, Bernie has a major problem: his most loyal followers.

Let's Get Down to Business and Understand Some Practical Economics

It's time for you to stop allowing yourself to get sidetracked with old thinking.

Progressives Need to Understand Labor Day

In reality, Labor Day itself is a way to keep labor ‘under control’. As union membership has declined more than 50% over the past 40 years, the middle class of America has shrunk drastically.