My Journey from Allende to Sanders

A Chilean immigrant hears Bernie speak and remembers her father's tales of hope and possibility.

Policy not Party

There's nothing else that matters.

State of the System

When I say “the system,” I’m not talking about just one aspect of it. It isn’t just politics or economics, but everything that has an overarching control on our lives.

Demand What You Deserve

We don't need a resistance, we need a REVOLUTION of mind, body and spirit -- the kind of revolution that changes how we see the world!

No, Trump, You Don't Get To Evoke FDR

It's been said that Trump's infrastructure plan has all the hallmarks of an FDR-era public works program. Here's why that's not true.

Maintain Your Focus

If you look at the protests throughout history, every one of them had a single issue—a single purpose—and they did not waver until the appropriate action was taken.

On Losing Hope and Reclaiming It In a Season of Rebellion

Why we should never lose hope amongst the despair of this election season.

Do Not Vote Your Fears

In the end, only the American public suffers when too many of us succumb to fear politics. We can no longer think; we just end up fearing whatever bugbear-of-the-week that the 2 party system puts in front of us.