Wednesday November 7 --- And What Comes Next

'OK, what do we do now?' We help each other up. We dust off the debris. We count the casualties, supplies, and ammo. We briefly mourn the dead. Then we keep fighting like hell for each other.

Fight for Medicare for All Together

I've been watching the news and listening to people discuss the current plight of health care in America. The present health care bill, which is now before us, made me decide that I needed to express my opinion about this pressing matter.

Is the ACA Worth Saving?

While people naturally become alarmed over Trump's changes to the ACA, it's the similarities that remain that are the real killers.

#UPDATE: No Progress on HR 676

The AHCA will cause the loss of insurance for an estimated 23 million Americans, and will pose a legitimate threat of death to many of those. The answer to our problem is Single-Payer Healthcare, and we must organize and increase our efforts if we ever want to see it actualize.