The Changing Face of MMT

Look under all the filters for the real picture.

Do We Have Free Journalism?

Is there freedom of the Press in this country? No, but there is absolute freedom of Press executives. And it shows.

A Comfortable Betrayal

The mainstream voices — the economists and journalists and political leaders — thrive on this question of how to divvy up the pot of “money” that America, by some inexplicable process, has been allocated to have.

When Votes Disappear

Until they outlaw public monitoring of vote totals completely, this is one of the few methods we have to isolate problems ourselves.

MSM Blackout: All the News that is Not Fit to Print

War has always been profitable for corporations, and modern times is no different. By steering Americans away from the wars waged by the US, and the warmongering candidate, MSM ensures that this policy will continue.

Hillary Vs. Trump, And The Overton Window

The times themselves demand that we voice our frustration loudly and clearly. We must admit that, in the words of Chris Hedges, democracy is no longer functional in the United States of America. We are subservient to the politics of the monied aristocracy.

MSM Fraudulently Keeps Third Party Candidates Out of the Debates

The fact that MSM is deliberately misrepresenting to the public that these flawed surveys are accurate is a fraud upon the American people. The fact that it is not a violation of the First Amendment to deliberately deceive the American public means that we should view MSM as nothing more than a form of entertainment.