The Amazing Hubris of Hillarites

Democrats are making financial contributions in the millions to back Jill Stein's recount efforts - but they've done it for the wrong reason.

Why I'm Voting For Jill Stein

I won’t go point by point over her message, just let me tell you it was tent-revival time for me that day in Detroit. My conversion was powerful and complete.

Why I'm Voting For Jill Stein

What ever happened to due process and the right of habeas corpus guaranteed by the Constitution?

Who the Mainstream Media Chooses to Cover During a Newsworthy Event is Just Wrong

The bombings that occurred in the Chelsea area of New York City and Seaside Heights, NJ, illustrated once again how the media anointed presidential candidates will address terrorism while in office.

Stein And Baraka Make Their Case At Fusion Town Hall

The hour-long town hall style meeting was moderated by Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez. Throughout the program, the pair of candidates discussed a wide range of subjects including police brutality, gun control, marijuana legalization and the continuing crisis in Syria.

Why I'm Voting For Jill Stein

Wealth accumulation by the top 1% is currently at its highest level since 1928. Such inequality was not sustainable then, and it is not sustainable now. In fact, history has demonstrated that modern societies with high levels of income inequality ultimately collapse; either as a result of war or due to failure within the financial system.

Jill Stein in Denver, CO and The Reasons She's My Candidate

On the domestic front, she recognizes that we need living wages; and that we should take whatever steps move us in that direction, without giving up the ultimate aim of actually getting there.