BernieBros is Gaslighting

The media should question these cheap shots against us and stop reinforcing the negative, divisive, and false messaging about the Sanders campaign and our movement. It is harmful to democracy.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Simply a Symptom of Our Corrupt System, She Is a Leading Cause

This opinion piece is by Saib Bilaval, a research scholar in modern and contemporary history at Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

We Told You So - The Four Words We Did Not Want To Have To Say

So maybe if some of your friends who "didn't like" Clinton are silent, it is because they are out of words to say, other than, "I told you so." But not all of us are silent. And after we have taken some time to recuperate and connect with loved ones, we will never be silent again.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #ClintonsMemory

Regardless of whether she is suffering from mental loss due to health issues or if she's using it as a cover to conceal details, the outcome has been the same. She cannot recount crucial details related to national security.

So Maureen Dowd Does Not Like Hillary? Who Really Does?

Think about the Clinton-gates, situation upon situation that always seem to make their way into the mainstream media. These represent a plethora of writing material for Clinton critic Maureen Dowd.