This Picture is Every Reason Why Hillary Clinton was not the Lesser Evil

I am writing this because of the time capsule effect. I am not trying to beat this thoroughly dead horse. There are some people for whom this will fall on deaf ears. But for those of you still sifting through the rubble of the 2016 Presidential Election, I offer you this picture. This picture is an important reminder of many of the concerns I had in regard to why Hillary Clinton wouldn't be getting my vote—why she was not the lesser of two evils. 

5 Reasons the Democratic National Committee Must Lose The Fraud Lawsuit

I simply want to illustrate why Democrats must accept that this lawsuit must proceed, and be decided against the DNC.

Establishment Democrats Have No Leverage Over Progressives Anymore

The Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders unity tour is forcing people like me to wonder if it's meant to create unity, or the illusion of it?" The unclear answer points to a much more foundational problem.

Russian Attacks on John Podesta, DNC Leaks Are Fake

Bottom line, the Russian conspiracy is a myth, for both Podesta Leaks and DNC Leaks. I will prove it.

We Told You So...But Now It's Time to Heal

Now is the not the time for progressives to gloat or liberals to lash out. It is time to learn and regroup behind better policies.

Denial 101: Academia's Liberal Elite and The Modern Politics of Comfort

The left and right have been equally guilty of using blame shifting tactics throughout the history of American politics; the only difference today is that the left wing is now disproportionately saturated with elite academics who use politically correct jargon as a tool to silence their ideological opponents.

Hillary Vs. Trump, And The Overton Window

The presidential debates define the Overton Window for the political debate season.  The Overton Window is the range of issues that are deemed serious in public discourse, and by controling it you can ultimately control the slant of the policies put into law in the next 4 - 8 years, regardless of who wins.

Why We Must Reject Both the Democratic and Republican Parties

As the years passed, I became increasingly disillusioned with Obama’s changes in policy. But I truly liked him as a person, so I had a really hard time wrapping my head around his actions. It was impossible for me to believe that this good man could have turned 180 degrees on so many things I believed he stood for.

Real Progressives web-series - Episode 101

Join the Real Progressives team as we launch the first episode of our web series that will focus on progressive politics, current events and bringing to light often overlooked and under-represented issues and viewpoints. 

Pardon Edward Snowden

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden is a referendum on the state of the state in America today. His case is the epitome of the eternal struggle between authoritarian statism and utilitarian statism.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #PayToPlay

It seems that Hillary Clinton cannot get away from the allegations that donations to her foundation would give big money interests access to her and the US government.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #ClintonsMemory

#ClintonsMemory is a new trending hashtag on Twitter. It relates to her inability to remember any of her mistakes when it comes to classified materials or discrepancies in her statements to the media and the public. During her time as Secretary of State, she had multiple situations in which classified information was either hacked, lost, or just mishandled. Here are some of the tweets relating to the hashtag:

So Maureen Dowd Does Not Like Hillary? Who Really Does?

It's no secret that Maureen Dowd isn't Hillary Clinton's biggest fan. Dowd has been writing about the Clintons, specifically about Hillary Clinton, for over 20 years. Her entry into presidential politics began as a White House correspondent. Currently the only female New York Times editorialist, and having won a 1999 Pulitzer Prize for her pieces chronicling the exploits and impeachment of Bill Clinton, she certainly hasn't given up the poison pen directed at the anointed one, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton.