This Picture is Every Reason Why Hillary Clinton was not the Lesser Evil

But for those of you still sifting through the rubble of the 2016 Presidential Election, I offer you this picture. This picture is an important reminder of many of the concerns I had in regard to why Hillary Clinton wouldn't be getting my vote — why she was not the lesser of two evils.

5 Reasons the Democratic National Committee Must Lose The Fraud Lawsuit

I simply want to illustrate why Democrats must accept that this lawsuit must proceed, and be decided against the DNC.

Establishment Democrats Have No Leverage Over Progressives Anymore

Democratic loyalists forget quite conveniently that one of Clinton's biggest surrogates after the convention was the very same Bernie Sanders. That doesn't stop many from simultaneously accusing him of costing Clinton the election, and trying to squash any honest dialogue by warning against reopening the wounds of the primary.

Russian Attacks on John Podesta, DNC Leaks Are Fake

Bottom line, the Russian conspiracy is a myth, for both Podesta Leaks and DNC Leaks. I will prove it.

We Told You So...But Now It's Time to Heal

Now is the not the time for progressives to gloat or liberals to lash out. It is time to learn and regroup behind better policies.

Denial 101: Academia's Liberal Elite and The Modern Politics of Comfort

The left and right have been equally guilty of using blame shifting tactics throughout the history of American politics; the only difference today is that the left wing is now disproportionately saturated with elite academics who use politically correct jargon as a tool to silence their ideological opponents.

Hillary Vs. Trump, And The Overton Window

The times themselves demand that we voice our frustration loudly and clearly. We must admit that, in the words of Chris Hedges, democracy is no longer functional in the United States of America. We are subservient to the politics of the monied aristocracy.

Why We Must Reject Both the Democratic and Republican Parties

The only way out of this mess is to reject the established system and build a new one. That can’t happen if we keep voting for one of the two major parties. They are just two sides of the same coin.

Pardon Edward Snowden

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden is a referendum on the state of the state in America today. His case is the epitome of the eternal struggle between authoritarian statism and utilitarian statism.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #PayToPlay

It seems that Hillary Clinton cannot get away from the allegations that donations to her foundation would give big money interests access to her and the US government.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #ClintonsMemory

Regardless of whether she is suffering from mental loss due to health issues or if she's using it as a cover to conceal details, the outcome has been the same. She cannot recount crucial details related to national security.

So Maureen Dowd Does Not Like Hillary? Who Really Does?

Think about the Clinton-gates, situation upon situation that always seem to make their way into the mainstream media. These represent a plethora of writing material for Clinton critic Maureen Dowd.