What's Wrong With The Green Party?

The Green Party needs to appeal to the working class if it's to gain any electoral success, but even that might be insufficient to resolve their profound image problems. There might be a better option.

An Appeal to the Green Party about MMT

The Green Party want to extricate our society from the clutches of neoliberalism, yet their economic platform is riddled with infectious neoliberal catchphrases that tighten our chains.

A Message to the Green Party National Committee and Howard Switzer Regarding Monetary Reality

Recently, the Green Party of Tennessee posted this and also the first reply (timestamped 12:38 PM) to a comment by Sylvia Saadati on that post. My message below is a critical reply to the main text of this comment, excluding the final portion about AMI. It breaks that paragraph up into its component statements for purposes of a more systematic critique. My conclusion is: whether private or public, neither a Fed bank, nor the Fed’s Board of Governors,  can deny the sovereign will of Congress as it is being implemented by the Treasury. It must create the necessary reserves in the Treasury spending account, whenever Congress mandates spending requiring those reserves, and Treasury pushes the right buttons to force the Fed to create them in its spending account.

Why I'm Voting For Jill Stein

What ever happened to due process and the right of habeas corpus guaranteed by the Constitution?

Stein And Baraka Make Their Case At Fusion Town Hall

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, made a case for their third party run today in a town hall broadcast by Fusion Network. The network promoted the mid-day event using the hashtag #greenpartyforum.

Jill Stein in Denver, CO and The Reasons She's My Candidate

We who were “Bernie or Bust” have differing interpretations of what the “Bust” part of that pledge actually means. For some, it means a protest write-in --- or a vague hope that enough others will do so in the states that count those ballots --- for Bernie to win the presidency. For others, our “Bust” moment was #DemExit, when his delegates walked out of the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. For those of us who want to continue the Revolution outside the counter-revolutionary party, Jill Stein is our ticket.