Whispers: The Invisible Hand or a Cage of Air?

The fact that the Whispers exist to shape fate and are invisible to most reflects the overall structure of capitalism and how it shapes our lives. We have been born into this system and our understanding of the world often comes directly from its manifestation and institutions. It is like the air we breathe, completely invisible to us, yet affecting everyone's life simultaneously anytime we attempt to control our own fate.  It is the invisible hand of capitalism metaphorically holding us back in every way.  

Midgar's Tiered Class System

Shinra’s use of the media and the company’s payouts to common people to act as pseudo-grassroot organizers, speak to the methods discussed by Noam Chomsky in his 1988 book, Manufacturing Consent, in the way Shinra uses the media to poison the public perception of Avalanche as a group of freedom fighters into a group of mean-spirited terrorists that don't care who has to die, so long as Avalanche gets what they want

Is Shinra Fascist or Just Right-Lib?

So ultimately, accelerationists see the world as bad and getting worse and want to make it worse faster so it can finally begin to heal on the “other side”.  But, we are promised no other side, and by the time we get there, we may be already too far gone.  Instead of hitting the gas and plummeting off a cliff, we must instead hit the brakes, turn ourselves around...

The Myth of the Promised Land

It doesn't matter at all to them that this is possibly just a legend or a myth.  It doesn't matter if the lands they wish to colonize have been proven to exist or not, nor even if the person they are willing to manipulate to take them there even believes The Promised Land exists, or that she can lead them there.  

The City of Bread and Circuits

As it turns out, it's actually a Roman phrase where circuses were only a superficial appeasement of the masses to keep them docile.  This mind-numbing entertainment also seems particularly fitting here.  It’s a lot of the political theater we’ve seen over the last decade or so.  Presidential and Congressional politics are like a nightly wrestling match.