The Federal Reserve is Not a Private Bank – A Response to Counterpunch

Calling out the omission of facts from a recent Counterpunch article concerning the U.S. Federal Reserve. 

Doing What the Market Can't

While the Market Economy system causes truly wondrous and useful things to be made available to American consumers, there are certain things it fails to provide.

End the FEDish: Redirecting Our Anger and Efforts to Save the World

Not "believing in" the insights coming from the MMT lens is denying the institutional reality of how money is created and operationalized

TT&L Accounts and Bond Sales are Veils Over Reality

The reality is this: The Federal Reserve could maintain a zero interest rate policy and the federal government could stop issuing bonds and just spend dollars into existence and tax them out of existence, which is precisely what it does right now. Bonds and tax accounts only obscure the reality.