Mainstream Media Helped Big Polluters Legitimize Climate Change Denial

Mainstream media outlets have lent credence to conservative think tanks funded by big polluters who have organized a concerted disinformation campaign for years to propagate climate change denial and skepticism

The Dakota Access Pipeline and The Struggle For Water As a Human Right

We at Real Progressives applaud the recent intervention by the executive branch at the DAPL pipeline this week, even though it is a temporary victory at best.

Frack Capitalism

By now everyone should understand that free market capitalism is as much of a farce as trickle down economics. By and large what we have is socialism for the affluent and austerity for the disadvantaged.

Saving Our World For Future Generations

It has become painfully clear that we are damaging our environment to the point of irreversibility. Because of the irresponsibility of corporations, government, and the people themselves, we are making our world a lesser place for our children and other future generations to live in. We must use our resources to take care of this ONE planet we live on called Earth.