Marrying the Social and Economic Revolutions

One of the biggest divides I've seen on the Left is not knowing whether to focus on social issues or economic issues, or believing one is vastly more important and the other is irrelevant.

Let's Talk About The Word 'Theory' For A Moment

This is how everyday miracles are thwarted by a lack of faith and foresight

MMT Works Today

So let's save the planet now instead of tearing down the system first!

How Progressives Can Win Big

Casting out the Spirit of Defeatism, One Keystroke at a Time

A Message to the Green Party National Committee and Howard Switzer Regarding Monetary Reality

So, as progressives, we need to recognize that we ought not be sidetracked by distractions or false causal theories about our ills being primarily due to our economy being based on "private bank debt money" rather than "public bank-sovereign money." In both cases, it's the high-powered public money created by the Federal Reserve System that is at the foundation of the economy.

Response to the Powell Memo: A Progressive Blueprint — Part 3

Part 3 of a direct rebuttal to the original Powell Memo, offering a progressive plan to take back the country from the ravages of the corporate oligarchy.

A Plea For Economic Literacy

For any naysayers or non-believers, I implore you to do a little research and a lot of critical thinking and see for yourselves where logic leads you.

What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know: It Can Fully Fund Anything

What if I told you that everything we have been taught about US economics is wrong? Before your eyes start to glaze over in anticipation of boring economic jargon, let me acquaint you with 5 simple facts that might just wake you up.

Let's Get Down to Business and Understand Some Practical Economics

It's time for you to stop allowing yourself to get sidetracked with old thinking.