Understanding MMT is Easier Than You Think

It's not 'advanced economics', it's 'realistic economics'.

Why America is Not a Country Club

and why we should look to our board of directors to straighten it out.

The Federal Reserve is Not a Private Bank – A Response to Counterpunch

Calling out the omission of facts from a recent Counterpunch article concerning the U.S. Federal Reserve. 

Debt Ceiling is an Arbitrary Political Tool to Perpetuate Austerity

The debt ceiling was a common point of contention during the Obama Administration, and has served as an opportunity for political opposition to leverage for political gain.

Duopoly is Dumbed-Down Government

Life is not black & white. We need government in full color.

#BREAKING: Congress Has Worked 8 Minutes in the Last Week

The men and women that we elect to represent us for 2-6 years in Congress are continuing to not take their jobs seriously.

#BREAKING: Congress Introduces Bill to Terminate Pakistan As Ally

On June 22nd, Representative Poe of Texas, who has received a 0% rating in Foreign Affairs by both the Council for a Livable World and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, has called to terminate Pakistan as a US ally.