Grassroot Organizing Parties for Bernie & More

Activists are essential to rid our political system of corrupt neoliberalism and end austerity.

Framing a Job Guarantee

Ms. McArdle is being disingenuous in planting the idea that everyone who is paid with federal dollars is a federal employee; it’s an idea that immediately discredits the JG program, and it should be proactively discredited itself.

Are You Ready to Consider that Capitalism is NOT the Real Problem?

Capitalism is many things, to many people. "The problem" is not one of them.

Bernie Sanders Has a Major Problem

Yes, Bernie has a major problem: his most loyal followers.

US and UK Progressives Should Join Forces to Fight Neoliberalism

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn have reignited the dormant progressive Left in both our countries and helped us identify a common enemy: Neoliberalism.

Draft Bernie Picks Up Momentum at The People's Summit

In just a few months since its founding, the organization has already built a significant grassroots foundation stemming from Brana's connections and experience working with the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Response to the Powell Memo: A Progressive Blueprint — Part 2

What follows is Part 2 of a direct rebuttal to the original Powell Memo, frequently using Powell’s own words, which instead offers a progressive plan to take back the country from the ravages the corporate oligarchy has committed on the American people and restore the freedoms and protections to which we are entitled.

Modern Populism Resulting from Hegemonic Neoliberalism: How the Sanders Phenomenon Unleashed a Socialist Movement

The purpose of this research is to explore, compare, and draw similarities in each author’s analysis to build a concise understanding of how the paradigm of previous generations’ support for neoliberal policies have affected the political revolution we experience today.

Establishment Democrats Have No Leverage Over Progressives Anymore

Democratic loyalists forget quite conveniently that one of Clinton's biggest surrogates after the convention was the very same Bernie Sanders. That doesn't stop many from simultaneously accusing him of costing Clinton the election, and trying to squash any honest dialogue by warning against reopening the wounds of the primary.

Our Revolution is Hindered by Its Nonprofit Structure

Time will tell, and we shall see, but in the meantime, we at Real Progressives will continue to do the work by promoting transparency and educating the public by improving access to information the mainstream media fails to cover.

Why The 2016 Election Season is So Important

Now that we have identified the problems, we need to work on the solutions. Obviously, voting for either of the two corporate candidates is NOT an option.