We Want Rakes

To clean up the mess created in Washington by Austerity.

Progressive Poetry: 'Untitled (Austerity)'

This poem is part of an ongoing Real Progressives collaborative series. Submit your Progressive Poetry today!

Another Modest Proposal: The Future of Austerity Politics

The similarities of colonial Britain and the politics in American society today are brought to light by examining a centuries-old satirical essay, A Modest Proposal.

Rage Against Austerity

Voters are easily distracted and politicians gleeful of our short memories.

MMT is Reality

Diagnosing economic problems without MMT as a guidepost is like a guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn pretending to be a doctor.

Osborne’s Call Not to Change Course On Austerity is a Murderous Demand

The end of austerity does mean that we’re going to allow the deficit to rise, and we don’t care. And that is totally honest, because nobody in Britain should care if it rises. The UK Government is what we call ‘monetarily sovereign’. Osborne knows this as well, but he doesn’t want you to know that he knows.

Social Security Cannot Go Broke!

It is impossible for Social Security to go broke. All it takes to see that is a ride on the subway.