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Breaking News: Another Fatal Police Shooting in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC; Keith Scott, a disabled man, was shot and killed by Charlotte police officer Brentley Vinson, today around 4pm EDT. The police were looking for someone that had a current warrant when Mr. Scott supposedly went inside a car and came back with a weapon. Officers then responded with deadly force. Some bystanders do not agree with the police's account of the story. They say that the item was not a gun but a book:

The community immediately started to protest this shooting and demonstrators gathered to express their feelings about the incident. CNN shows the protesters as they rally:

The crowd of demonstrators eventually riots and the police are led away from the scene:

Update: The wife of Scott took a cell phone video of what happened. It appears that one police officer tried to plant a gun at the scene:

 Another update: two separate eyewitnesses state that Scott had no gun and that the real shooter was a white police officer:

Real Progressives will report more on this breaking story as more information is brought forth.

Equality with Justice