#BREAKING: Congressman on 3 Month Streak Without Face-To-Face Town Hall

#CallToAction: Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC7) refuses to face his constituents. 

The last time that he faced those he represents at an announced, face-to-face town hall or "coffee with your congressman" event (based on our research) was April 14th, 2017. What has he done with the 27 days that the House has had off of Capitol Hill since then? (Not counting weekends!)

As far as town halls, in that time, he has held only one TELEPHONE TOWN HALL! And, he has recently announced another meeting with constituents. Yet ANOTHER telephone town hall, July 17th.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can all agree on this nonpartisan issue. Congress should face the people! Not just host phone calls where all callers can be muted with the press of a button, and where you can't see the pain in your residents' faces as they tell you their stories, but FACE TO FACE.

What can we do?

Comment about how this upsets and angers you in the post about the call in, and sign up for the telephone town hall:

Comment on his page and demand a face to face town hall series:

Call his DC office to voice your concerns: (202) 225-9895

Remind him who he works for as a member of Congress!

What do you think about this?

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