Dr Ajamu Baraka Interview at U of MD Green Party Rally

In speaking with Dr. Ajamu Baraka, Green Party candidate for Vice President said at the Green Party rally at the University of Maryland, about Standing Rock, the nature of revolutionary resistance and our expectations of it, I asked how he felt about the fear that people are succumbing to again in our national elections.  Believing they have to choose the lesser of two evils for President again, people have been convinced that they are so terrified of one of the candidates that they completely ignore that the other is not only just as bad but actually has a track record of being worse.

In response, Dr. Baraka, a revolutionary human rights and racial justice activist for several decades, said something that I think will probably stick with me forever: "If you keep choosing the lesser of two evils, when do you ever resist? How do you resist the Right, when you are collaborating with the Right?" What we are doing is conditioning ourselves to never, ever resist; to justify it; to get used to it; to make it palatable and acceptable.

And that is how those in power want it.  

We choose to resist right now.