Free Assange, Free My Job

Italian investigative journalist, Paolo Barnard, begins protesting for Julian Assange's freedom in front of the embassy of Ecuador, in London. On his website, we can read:

The Story of MMT in Italy

PIIGS is a documentary that challenges prevalent European budgetary policies and the austerity dogma #euro #Brexit

Blind Hatred for Trump is Breaking the Left, not building It

This piece argues that a peace deal is worth supporting and that opponents to the agreement will further isolate the progressive base which is made up of anti-war activists and progressives who want to secure peace at the Korean peninsula. This article matters because if the Left wants to secure victories in upcoming elections, taking note of how this will ffect progressives is imperative. Plus, a future of peace is always an urgent matter. 

US and UK Progressives Should Join Forces to Fight Neoliberalism

The political histories of the US and the UK have often mirrored each other; from Reagan and Thatcher to Clinton and Blair, and most recently, Trump and Brexit. Our two nations have often been complicit in the bad, and now too, it seems, in the good. Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn have reignited the dormant progressive Left in both our countries and helped us identify a common enemy: Neoliberalism.

Canada: Flagellation Letter in National Post

A monetarily sovereign government is not like a firm or household and can never run out of its own "money" - its own IOUs. The only meaningful way to appraise the fiscal position of the Canadian government is to assess the state of the economy in real terms: do we have full employment, environmental stewardship, and first-class education and health infrastructure?

The Red Scare is Back to Distract (Updated)

(This article has been updated to include more distractions from the DNC and the establishment media)

#BREAKING: Congress Seeks Power to Intervene with Iran Across ENTIRE WESTERN HEMISPHERE

Congress just introduced a bill that will make it easier for them to launch the country into violent conflicts.

The USA should be Ashamed of its Electoral Process

The United States of America should be ashamed about its electoral process. France has wrapped up elections in which a whole new party that did not exist two years ago has won the presidency and the majority of parliamentary seats, and yet the US has people who don't even know that any options exists outside of the Democrats and the Republicans. It is a disgrace to the idea of democracy and it cannot stand.

Alice in Wonderland

I'm sure many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents reading us the story of Alice in Wonderland: a story about a girl who magically enters the land where things are not what they appear to be. In fact, everything is the opposite—wrong is right, right is wrong, left is right, right is left, and so on. Much like the United States today.

#BREAKING: Congress Introduces Bill to Terminate Pakistan As Ally

On June 22nd, Representative Poe of Texas, who has received a 0% rating in Foreign Affairs by both the Council for a Livable World and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, has called to terminate Pakistan as a US ally.

Making Sense of Syria

Most of us have likely seen the horrifying images and videos coming from Syria for the last few years. Invariably, the news agencies bringing these images and videos to us present them as evidence of Assad's "brutal, totalitarian regime". But a little research paints a disturbingly conflicting picture.

Fukushima and the Pernicious Lie of the Sustainability of Nuclear Power

Fukushima Daiichi was back in the news this week after another offshore earthquake triggered a new tsunami warning in the prefecture of the tattered nuclear plant. Fortunately, this time the tsunami was miniscule compared to the one that led to the original meltdown, but the problems at the plant, like the problems with nuclear power in general, remain both omnipresent and potentially catastrophic. It is imperative that we, as Real Progressives, realize that nuclear power is neither green nor sustainable, and that, like the petroleum infrastructure, we are forced to live with the myriad of established installations. We must look to truly sustainable options for any new construction and any incidence of governmental subsidy.

American Evil

What if everything printed this year about Donald J. Trump was 100% true, yet Hillary Clinton still wound up being the greater evil? What then America?

The Potential Dangers of Hillary Clinton

"The clock is ticking on the next Wall Street collapse, the climate meltdown, the expanding wars, the slide towards fascism, nuclear confrontation and more. This is the time to stand up with the courage of our convictions, while we still can. Forget the lesser evil. Fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it, because they do." —Dr. Jill Stein

How We Can End Wars for Oil

Of the 7 countries the US is currently bombing, our attacks on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are largely due to US government support of fossil fuel interests. We are supporting Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen that is starving 14 million innocent civilians so we can stay on the Saudi’s good side; the US wants a gas pipeline built from Qatar to Europe via Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The Silencing of the Whistleblowers

The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to balance individual freedoms with the powers granted to the government by the Constitution. As our freedoms are taken one by one, the government gains reciprocal power. The more power it gains, the more freedoms it will destroy.  With our government now shrouded in a envelope of secrecy, whistleblowers are almostly exclusively the only conduit between the government and the public. Without them, we will know nothing about the inner operations of our own government. In an effort to retain government power, the Obama Administration has cracked down on whistleblowers more than any prior President.   

It’s Time to Stop America’s Wars and Take Back Democracy

What if I told you that, with the help of the mainstream media, we have been kept distracted with Clinton’s servers and Trump’s groping to keep us from being aware that our government has been funding the death of innocent civilians in the Middle East? It’s nothing new. Killing people is what we do. Perpetual war is good for the economy — or more specifically, for the few elites who make obscene amounts of money from the United States War Machine.

MSM Blackout: All the News that is Not Fit to Print

MSM is deliberately not informing Americans of the issues that really matter, but instead focusing on trivia. In doing so, the MSM is controlling Americans away from the issues that actually matter the most to the corporations which own the MSM outlets. War has always been profitable for corporations, and modern times is no different. By steering Americans away from the wars waged by the US, and the warmongering candidate, MSM ensures that this policy will continue. 

The TPP and What We All Need to Know

So what is the TPP, and all the other "trade" and "treaty" acronyms being floated around the web?

On 9/11 as an Anniversary of Consequence: Where do We Go From Here?

When we find ourselves in the midst of a presidential election where the choices of Republican and Democratic party are beyond abhorrent, we have no choice but to face the evil inherent in our history.

Saving Our World For Future Generations

It has become painfully clear that we are damaging our environment to the point of irreversibility. Because of the irresponsibility of corporations, government, and the people themselves, we are making our world a lesser place for our children and other future generations to live in. We must use our resources to take care of this ONE planet we live on called Earth.

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Will Show How US Intelligence Interferes in European Elections

Julian Assange says that new leaks are forthcoming and that they may implicate the US for meddling in European politics, and promises more data on Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC.