Savage Joy Meets Her Mate!

Joy welcomes journalist par excellence Aaron Mate to discuss his take on a variety of issues.

When Free Speech Kills

White Supremacist terrorist groups in this country use our 1st amendment right to promote hate crimes.  Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have been murdered because of the hate crimes committed by these groups, yet our government turns a blind eye.  This is genocide and a human rights violation of monumental proportion.

Dr Ajamu Baraka Interview at U of MD Green Party Rally

In speaking with Dr. Ajamu Baraka, Green Party candidate for Vice President said at the Green Party rally at the University of Maryland, about Standing Rock, the nature of revolutionary resistance and our expectations of it, I asked how he felt about the fear that people are succumbing to again in our national elections

Jacqueline Luqman Interviews Misty K. Snow

Misty K. Snow is a prime example of how a regular American can make a difference in the political process. Formerly a cashier in a grocery store, Misty saw that Jonathan Swinton, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Utah, was aligned more and more with policies and special interests that were against the principles she believed in, and the things that were important to her. She watched with growing concern as no one in the Salt Lake City Democratic community challenged Swinton on his avowed Conservative values – even as he identifies as a Democrat – and made a crucial decision; she decided to run against him. With no experience in running for public office, Misty – who was working as a grocery store cashier – felt her way through the filing processes and deadlines to declare her candidacy and get her campaign off the ground. She had only one person who supported her to work on her campaign at the time, but with that person’s help, Misty was able to speak to several groups that traditionally support the Democratic party, and earned the support and admiration of many of them. Even as a transgender woman in religiously-conservative Salt Lake City, Utah, Misty has earned the support of many. According to her, “They don’t care about who I am. They only care about the issues I represent.” It is certainly groundbreaking that Misty is one of two transgender candidates running in this year’s elections; but what is even more spectacular is that she is a serious contender for the Democratic Senate seat, deciding to run for office when she was “just” a cashier in a grocery store. Regardless of the outcome of Misty’s race, her story serves as an inspiration and a wake-up call to the rest of us: there is nothing to stop you from changing YOUR world. Nothing.

Panel Discussion with Laura Christian on Plaintiffs For Justice Panel

The average American citizen is programmed to believe that they cannot fight the powers that be for fair and just treatment. 

Breaking News: Another Fatal Police Shooting in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC, Keith Scott, a disabled man, was shot and killed by Charlotte police officer, Brentley Vinson, today around 4pm EDT. The police were looking for someone that had a current warrant when Mr. Scott supposedly went inside a car and came back with a weapon. Officers then responded with deadly force. Some bystanders do not agree with the police's account of the story. They say that the item was not a gun but a book:

Stein And Baraka Make Their Case At Fusion Town Hall

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, made a case for their third party run today in a town hall broadcast by Fusion Network. The network promoted the mid-day event using the hashtag #greenpartyforum.

Let's Get Down to Business and Understand Some Practical Economics

Let's get down to business and understand some practical economics, and why its time for you to stop allowing yourself to get sidetracked with old thinking. Sources (as always): Can we print our way out of 'debt' Monetary Sovereignty: the foundation of economics 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds Money Growth Does Not Cause Inflation Taxes for revenue are obsolete Tax payers don’t fund anything What taxes are for?

Was the Dakota Pipeline Really Halted By Obama Or Is It A Trap?

In episode 2 of the Real Progressives web-series, the team breaks down Obama and the Dakota Pipeline.

Don't Believe the White Noise and Mainstream Media Propaganda

Steve Grumbine talks about the lies and white noise we are subject to which allow us to ignore the demise of our country and the rise of the 1% party system.