Steven Grumbine Interviews Steven Hail, Australian Economist

Steve and Steven discuss what the prospects are for a viable economic system with a 40 percent reduction by 2030 and no new emissions by 2050.

Professor Bill Mitchell & the 'T' in Theory

Steven Grumbine interviews Professor Bill Mitchell about the “Theory” in Modern Monetary Theory, once again demonstrating that the two of them can make even complicated economic concepts accessible to the layperson.

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Let's Get Down to Business and Understand Some Practical Economics

Let's get down to business and understand some practical economics, and why its time for you to stop allowing yourself to get sidetracked with old thinking. Sources (as always): Can we print our way out of 'debt' Monetary Sovereignty: the foundation of economics 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds Money Growth Does Not Cause Inflation Taxes for revenue are obsolete Tax payers don’t fund anything What taxes are for?

Don't Confuse Progressivism With Libertarianism

The point is that Gary Johnson is not fighting for the same causes we're fighting for. His idea of not getting involved in wars is really not about getting involved in wars; it's really more about the government, and the government not being involved in anything. And the idea of ending the drug war is really not about ending the drug war; it's really about getting the government out of everything. And when you talk about government spending, our government is the reason we have cash. They are the creator of the US dollar.

Don't Believe the White Noise and Mainstream Media Propaganda

Steve Grumbine talks about the lies and white noise we are subject to which allow us to ignore the demise of our country and the rise of the 1% party system. 

What is a Real Progressive?

Progressive reformers had worked for political, social and economic change within the traditional two-party system for decades before they established a third party

Is Bernie short $17 trillion on his healthcare plan?

Bbbbbut Bernie is $17 trillion short on his healthcare plan... relax Francis... Funding The Revolution: Trying to make econ fun to learn