Grassroot Organizing Parties for Bernie & More

Activists are essential to rid our political system of corrupt neoliberalism and end austerity.

Savage Joy Meets Her Mate!

Joy welcomes journalist par excellence Aaron Mate to discuss his take on a variety of issues.

Savage Joy Interviews Sarah Smith, Candidate For US Congress Dist 9 WA

Joy and Sarah discuss the slate of strong progressive candidates currently running, and the prospects for 2020.

Savage Joy Interviews Zak Ringelstein, Candidate for US Senate

Having had the opportunity to see political and corporate leaders through his work in education policy, Zak understands how little the citizens’ interests are represented at the highest levels of power.

Savage Joy Interviews Brian Abrahamson

Brian is using a new app, Ten More Votes, which easily enables supporters and volunteers to help with his campaign. He also has a very helpful website which anyone can visit to learn about his platform, volunteer or make a donation.

Savage Joy Interviews Maria Estrada, California Assembly Candidate 63rd District

As a native of and activist in her community, she knows the issues residents face and is committed to addressing them. She supports citizen activism because she knows that people have the power, even if they don’t realize it.

Savage Joy Interviews Tim Canova for Her 1 Year Anniversary

Savage Joy celebrates by interviewing the man who was also her first guest, Tim Canova!