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Panel Discussion with Laura Christian on Plaintiffs For Justice Panel

The average American citizen is programmed to believe that they cannot fight the powers that be for fair and just treatment. 

Let's Get Down to Business and Understand Some Practical Economics

Let's get down to business and understand some practical economics, and why its time for you to stop allowing yourself to get sidetracked with old thinking. Sources (as always): Can we print our way out of 'debt' Monetary Sovereignty: the foundation of economics 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds Money Growth Does Not Cause Inflation Taxes for revenue are obsolete Tax payers don’t fund anything What taxes are for?

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare; the first Red Scare is why I'm not afraid of Trump.

Real Progressives Respond To Editorial by Bernie Sanders

Real Progressives answer to the editorial piece written by Bernie Sanders, published in the LA times.

How did We End Up with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Real Progressives' Garland Nixon breaks it down: How did we end up with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the nominees for their respective parties?

The Myths of the 1 Percent

The startling truth about the rich in America that will surprise you in this Real Progressives exclusive piece from Blair Erickson.

Let's Talk About The Ajamu Baraka Comments

Real Progressives' Jacqueline Luqman talks about the Ajamu Baraka comments, what he REALLY said, and what he REALLY meant, and what that means for us going forward.

What is a Real Progressive?

Progressive reformers had worked for political, social and economic change within the traditional two-party system for decades before they established a third party

Is Bernie short $17 trillion on his healthcare plan?

Bbbbbut Bernie is $17 trillion short on his healthcare plan... relax Francis... Funding The Revolution: Trying to make econ fun to learn

Jacqueline Luqman discusses Clinton Supporter Hypocrisy Syndrome

How Trump Fear Porn Is Enabling The Delusional Selective Outrage of Clinton Democrats. Real Progressives commentator Jacqueline Luqman discusses Clinton Supporter Hypocrisy Syndrome.