Just (Don't) Do It

A short piece of prose regarding the usurping of our democracy

Hands off Social Security and Medicare

Sixty-one million people receive social security benefits, forty-four million people use Medicare, with seventy million people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP.

Gay American History pt. III

Lesbian voices in American History are often faint, sometimes distorted, but always present.

Gay American History, Part II

When you are seen as "what's wrong with the world," the cure isn't really designed to help you.

Marrying the Social and Economic Revolutions

One of the biggest divides I've seen on the Left is not knowing whether to focus on social issues or economic issues, or believing one is vastly more important and the other is irrelevant.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 2

Our flesh no longer exists in the way it once did. A new evolutionary stage has arrived.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 1

This is the new socialization, identity eugenics, in action. 

True Caliber: Targeting the Real Issues of Gun Violence

Whether it is the victims of the Parkland shooting, or Black Lives Matter protesting more black lives lost, it seems that the issue is not going to end any time soon without real results and real moves to change them.

Trigger Warning: Women's Rights Have Little To Do With Race

Women's rights, by definition, can't be expected to advocate issues that affect the rights of men and male-identifying individuals. Nor can they effectively advocate for race issues.

The Women’s March and its “Resistance”

Anyone who's been on social media during the past few days has been privy to the difference of opinions on the second annual Women’s March events which recently took place. There is a strong divide between those who think the marches are advantageous and those who view them as counter-productive to the women’s movement.

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. II

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

Discard the Fiction in the Coffin --- Find the Real MLK

But King wasn’t killed for being a dreamer. He was killed for being an uppity mass movement leader dedicated to transforming society by confronting white supremacy.

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. I

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

Incarceration, INC.

Nobody should have a vested interest in anybody else's incarceration.

Fear Will Not Kill Prejudice

...It will only drive our foe underground, where we can't face it.

Solve Racism With MMT

Recognize that racism is only a method of division that works to enslave the majority of the populace. It's time we recognize the real problem (economics) and work together to solve it by implementing strategies using the knowledge of economic reality (MMT).

Intersectional Dismantling of Systemic Racism

The progressive movement in this day and age is built on an understanding of intersectionality, meaning that all forms of oppression are interrelated and the only way we will get the world that we want is by everyone respecting, learning from, and working together. However, that wasn’t always the case, and there is bound to be growing pains in transitioning from the old guard to the new. We will all have to learn as we grow and figure out how to make this progressive movement last, and not just be another flash in the pan that is prevented from accomplishing all of our goals.

Preachers Who Say 'Kill the Gays'

15 pastors in 12 states have now either publicly called for the murder of homosexuals, or praised the Orlando shooter. This isn't about politics or religion any more, this is about basic human rights.

The Time Has Come to Rise Up

In just his first 10 days in office, Trump has managed to move the US toward a fascist state, endangering the lives of most of its citizens. How did this occur? Weren’t the Democrats supposed to resist every policy of Trump’s, much as the Republicans did during the Obama administration? For that matter, where are the sane, responsible Republicans who so vociferously expressed their dislike for Trump during the election cycle? It was baffling to see them do nothing as Trump signed yet another asinine executive order banning Muslims from 7 countries, an edict that belongs somewhere in the Dark Ages.

A Revolution By Any Other Name...

The truth is we will never unite and rise up against this plutocratic oligarchy if we do not set our egos and self-interests aside. To truly facilitate a real bona fide political revolution, we all must be willing to sacrifice everything it takes to get it done. Everything it takes. 

Despite This Dismal Election, There Is Yet Hope

There is no question that we are at a significant turning point in the history of the United States. In many ways, the people are divided to a degree that has not been seen since the Civil War. Some are enthusiastically voting for Clinton or Trump, unable or unwilling to see the glaring unfitness of either candidate for the highest office in the country. Others are completely disgusted with both these options and are voting for a third party in an attempt to enact some positive change, or they are simply staying home.

The US Media is as Guilty as the Police at Standing Rock

In all of my reporting on the deception of the US media, I can honestly say that I've never been as disgusted with them as I am today. John Laurits writes about the US media's "reporting" on Standing Rock & the new corporate police-state... #NoDAPL

The Coming Clinton Security State

Americans need to wake up to the fact that we currently live in a turnkey authoritarian regime.  We have police who have the power to kill (upon reciting “I was afraid for my life”), we have private companies currently amassing wider nets of big data, monitoring literally everything in their sight.  We have telecoms retaining information for years and selling its access to police departments without a judicial warrant (and thus no "just cause" need be demonstrated).  We have loosely-worded laws against “material support” that could be construed as whistleblowers giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  We have 5 private companies currently doing spying for government agencies, with little restraint on the data they collect. 

The Silencing of the Whistleblowers

The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to balance individual freedoms with the powers granted to the government by the Constitution. As our freedoms are taken one by one, the government gains reciprocal power. The more power it gains, the more freedoms it will destroy.  With our government now shrouded in a envelope of secrecy, whistleblowers are almostly exclusively the only conduit between the government and the public. Without them, we will know nothing about the inner operations of our own government. In an effort to retain government power, the Obama Administration has cracked down on whistleblowers more than any prior President.   

Social Revolution 101: The Causes of Inequality

John re-frames socialism as an "economic technology" and explains the fundamental concepts of capital, labor, exploitation, & social revolution...