How Social Work School Turned Me into a Progressive

I've been a progressive all my life, but it wasn't until I went to social work school that I learned what that meant and why I needed to get involved with politics. Learn how social work school changed my life and helped me develop a broader understanding of how to empower young people.

Language Policing and the Dynamics of Power and Privilege

This wasn't what I had originally planned to write about tonight. But since it came up that a well-respected member of Real Progressives was tone-policed by some economically privileged allies, I'm addressing the problem of tone policing, why it has no place in our movement, and how allies need to take their allyship to our common progressive goals seriously instead of treating this as just another feel-good, boutique activism project.

Hands off Social Security and Medicare

Sixty-one million people receive social security benefits, forty-four million people use Medicare, with seventy million people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP.

Gay American History pt. III

Lesbian voices in American History are often faint, sometimes distorted, but always present.

Gay American History, Part II

When you are seen as "what's wrong with the world," the cure isn't really designed to help you.

Marrying the Social and Economic Revolutions

One of the biggest divides I've seen on the Left is not knowing whether to focus on social issues or economic issues, or believing one is vastly more important and the other is irrelevant.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 2

Our flesh no longer exists in the way it once did. A new evolutionary stage has arrived.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 1

This is the new socialization, identity eugenics, in action. 

True Caliber: Targeting the Real Issues of Gun Violence

Whether it is the victims of the Parkland shooting, or Black Lives Matter protesting more black lives lost, it seems that the issue is not going to end any time soon without real results and real moves to change them.

Trigger Warning: Women's Rights Have Little To Do With Race

Women's rights, by definition, can't be expected to advocate issues that affect the rights of men and male-identifying individuals. Nor can they effectively advocate for race issues.

The Women's March and It's Resistance

It should go without saying that all women should feel as though they are being represented. If people leave the event feeling forgotten, we need to do better. Period.

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. II

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

Discard the Fiction in the Coffin --- Find the Real MLK

But King wasn’t killed for being a dreamer. He was killed for being an uppity mass movement leader dedicated to transforming society by confronting white supremacy.

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. I

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

Incarceration, INC.

Nobody should have a vested interest in anybody else's incarceration.

Fear Will Not Kill Prejudice

...It will only drive our foe underground, where we can't face it.

Solve Racism With MMT

Recognize that racism is only a method of division that works to enslave the majority of the populace. It's time we recognize the real problem (economics) and work together to solve it by implementing strategies using the knowledge of economic reality (MMT).

Intersectional Dismantling of Systemic Racism

So while everything everyone else may be doing is vital to the cause, the systemic racism will not stop until those who have perpetrated it for centuries are made to realize what they’re doing. What we’re doing.

Preachers Who Say 'Kill the Gays'

15 pastors in 12 states have now either publicly called for the murder of homosexuals, or praised the Orlando shooter. This isn't about politics or religion any more, this is about basic human rights.

A Revolution By Any Other Name...

The truth is we will never unite and rise up against this plutocratic oligarchy if we do not set our egos and self-interests aside. To truly facilitate a real bona fide political revolution, we all must be willing to sacrifice everything it takes to get it done. Everything it takes. 

The US Media is as Guilty as the Police at Standing Rock

In all of my reporting on the deception of the US media, I can honestly say that I've never been as disgusted with them as I am today. John Laurits writes about the US media's "reporting" on Standing Rock & the new corporate police-state... #NoDAPL

The Coming Clinton Security State

The internet is the last bastion of free access to information, and I am not willing to go lightly toward allowing them to censor its message based on a political declaration.

The Silencing of the Whistleblowers

The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to balance individual freedoms with the powers granted to the government by the Constitution. As our freedoms are taken one by one, the government gains reciprocal power. The more power it gains, the more freedoms it will destroy.

Social Revolution 101: The Causes of Inequality

John re-frames socialism as an "economic technology" and explains the fundamental concepts of capital, labor, exploitation, & social revolution...

MSM Blackout: All the News that is Not Fit to Print

War has always been profitable for corporations, and modern times is no different. By steering Americans away from the wars waged by the US, and the warmongering candidate, MSM ensures that this policy will continue.