Disband The Police

As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done.  Laws to change, customs to break, people to hire for jobs that will help heal our community instead of harm it.  The first thing to do is to defund or even disband your local police.  From there, we may begin to build stronger, more cohesive communities. 

Christian Progress

A new series of articles from the co-editor in chief about the intersection of progressivism and Christianity.

The United States is a Rogue State – And This Cannot End Well

A “rogue state” is defined as “a nation or state regarded as breaking international law and posing a threat to the security of other nations.”

Of Lies And Deceit

There were two military offensives against Iraq: "Desert Storm" (1990) and "Shock and Awe" (2003). Many have forgotten the first which was upstaged by the artifice of the second -- 13 years later. Both were manufactured events.

No Justice, No Peace

Why do politicians and the elite peddle “sticker shock” at social programs – like a New Deal – yet not the same “sticker shock” at our bloated military costs?

A Christian Take on Progressivism

As we know, the Christian Right has a conservative bias when it comes to politics. That bias does not often line up with the words of Jesus Christ.

Progressives #Insist; Liberals Only #Resist

Because we #Insist on a better world, we cannot be complacent.

Regarding Sen. McCain

Honor the man but not what policies he represented.

Through The Distortion, Flickerings of Illumination

As these examples show, our overseas mass killers, the military, provide the U.S. persona with an edgy chaos that's psychopathically hip in a Training Day meets Apocalypse Now sort of way.

Progressive Poetry: 'Syria'

This poem is part of an ongoing Real Progressives collaborative series. Submit your Progressive Poetry today!

True Caliber: Targeting the Real Issues of Gun Violence

Whether it is the victims of the Parkland shooting, or Black Lives Matter protesting more black lives lost, it seems that the issue is not going to end any time soon without real results and real moves to change them.

Incarceration, INC.

Nobody should have a vested interest in anybody else's incarceration.

Bridge The Divide

If we have the right economic policy that serves the needs of the people instead of the corporations and the wealthy, it will go a long way toward eradicating the cancer of racism from our society.

Alice in Wonderland

The only way we're going to fix this problem is to stop feeding the monster and listen to those who tell us the truth, whether we like it or not. Because in the end, the choice is truly ours. Either we listen to those who speak the truth and educate us, or we continue to listen to the Jabberwocky.

Making Sense of Syria

Most of us have likely seen the horrifying images and videos coming from Syria for the last few years. Invariably, the news agencies bringing these images and videos to us present them as evidence of Assad's "brutal, totalitarian regime". A little research paints a disturbingly conflicting picture.

Fort Lauderdale Shooter: More Proof that War is Making us LESS Safe!

Where is the outrage? We must stop these unnecessary wars that are creating more terrorists, both ISIS and homegrown. When will we learn that war only makes us less safe?

A Case of Domestic Terrorism at Standing Rock

A revolution has started, and Iron Eyes pointed the way forward: "After December 5, We need you to share everything, we need you to stay paying attention because it’s not going to be on mainstream media."

The Coming Clinton Security State

The internet is the last bastion of free access to information, and I am not willing to go lightly toward allowing them to censor its message based on a political declaration.

(C4) Who's the Scariest Candidate of Them All?

Despite the propaganda and the rhetoric about Trump, Clinton is really the scariest candidate due to her warmongering history.

Hillary's Ambitions

They chose the establishment. The establishment that is lining up neoconservatives to endorse Hillary. The candidate that both Bush presidents are voting for. The one that you actually believe is a progressive. The candidate that may well blunder into the 21st century equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis but with Syria.

The Double-Edged Sword of Talking About Addressing Police Violence - The Example of The San Francisco 49ers CEO

​It is great that Mr. York put his money where his mouth is and is willing to help organizations in the community do critical work. It would be nice if he and others in power would become less afraid to tell the truth about law enforcement.

Panel Discussion with Laura Christian on Plaintiffs For Justice Panel

The average American citizen is programmed to believe that they cannot fight the powers that be for fair and just treatment. 

Free Reverend Edward Pinkney - Do You Hear Us? We Want Justice and Freedom, Now!

The days have been long and agonizing since Reverend Edward Pinkney, a sixty-eight-year old Black man and political prisoner, was incarcerated in December 2014.

Ahmad Khan Rahami Wanted For NY Bombing

The FBI identified a person of interest related to these incidents, Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was determined to have placed a duffel bag in the area around Chelsea.

On 9/11 as an Anniversary of Consequence: Where do We Go From Here?

When we find ourselves in the midst of a presidential election where the choices of Republican and Democratic party are beyond abhorrent, we have no choice but to face the evil inherent in our history.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #Yeson62 #NoOn66

Many people on Twitter are outraged by the thought of speeding up the process of executing people whom often are mentally ill, poor, etc. just to 'save' the state money.

Obama, Clinton And A Permanent State of War

Begun by Bush but continued under the neoliberal policies of Obama, the baton will be passed to Clinton, who never met a war she didn't like.

Let's Talk About The Ajamu Baraka Comments

Real Progressives' Jacqueline Luqman talks about the Ajamu Baraka comments, what he REALLY said, and what he REALLY meant, and what that means for us going forward.