Gotham Is Burning

We must do something to help those who go without treatment for their mental health issues for reasons of poverty, and we can’t lean on the state's limited budgets to provide this aid any longer.  We need a federal program like Medicare for All to provide healthcare, and in this case, mental healthcare to all.  

Sign In to Dine In

Sign In to Dine In is urging every restaurant owner to voluntarily initiate a policy of asking one member from each party seeking to dine inside to provide their contact information in a register before they are seated

The Time for Medicare For All Is Now!

 If you believe healthcare is a human right, one protected by our Constitution, as I do, then we must work together to support a single-payer, M4A system.

The Fed's Response to the Coronavirus Depression

Nathan Tankus discusses how the federal government should respond to this crisis on our April National Outreach Call.

COVID-19 Proves Our Point

Now that the government is dishing out money over a healthcare crisis, the "ounce of prevention" that Medicare For All would provide is looking better and better than the "pound of cure" we're currently employing. In fact, Nathan Locke notes that a Progressive system would ameliorate a gigantic portion of many other problems we're having as well.

Breaking News 93 Days

A Poem About These Present Days With Covid19

Culling The Herd

Think about the common objective being satisfied here...two birds with one virus.

The Economic Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Levy Institute presents policy prescriptions that not only address the crisis at hand but look into the future to deal with effects not yet seen. 

Medicare for All and Trans Equality

On March 1st, Pete Buttigieg ended his 2020 presidential bid. During the campaign, much fanfare was made of Pete Buttigieg being an openly gay candidate. However, Buttigieg has been vocal in his opposition to Medicare for All, Bernie Sanders’ signature policy proposal which would provide coverage to all Americans. Health care is especially important to the transgender community.

Medicaid Cuts, MMT, and Medicare for All

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced cuts to Medicaid. This wouldn't happen in a federally funded health care program --here's why.

I Work for a Health Insurance Company. My Kids Are on Medicaid. The System Is Broken.

When the health insurance companies began to merge with others. There were ongoing lay-offs and consistent changes, and nothing ever felt permanent or stable. These distractions allowed corporations to increase healthcare insurance premiums consistently.

Why Seniors Need New And Improved Medicare For All

It’s comprehensive care, given free at the point of service. It includes everything traditional Medicare includes now, but private insurance Medigap coverage is unnecessary because it covers 100%.

AMA Protest in Chicago by Coalition Groups

Chicago played host to the American Medical Association’s annual conference which wrapped up on Saturday June 8. The AMA has drawn sharp criticism from national organizations who disagree with the professional association’s role as detractors for Medicare for All, a distinctly popular proposal for a national healthcare plan.

Sex, Celebrity and the Inconvenience of Poverty

As activists battle over women's right to autonomy and ending abortion via the “Heartbeat Bill’, there are millions of people being forgotten and much more at stake than meets the eye.

Managed Expectations

You can’t give three of your four children ice cream and expect good results.

The Many Market Failures of Health Care

Market failures abound in this sector, and honest assessments recognize their existence.

Hands off Social Security and Medicare

Sixty-one million people receive social security benefits, forty-four million people use Medicare, with seventy million people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP.

Depression Among Progressives

As progressives, there is no shortage of things to break us down, but we shouldn't let that make us lose sight of what lifts us up.

Snake Oil in the Skin Care Industry

Exaggerated cures and tricks of the eye are nothing new, so it is up to us as consumers to stay vigilant in where our money goes.

Debunking Superfoods #3: Global Warming and GMOs are Turning Salmon Into Antibiotic Filled Zombies

There are many benefits to eating salmon which cannot be disputed. However, the environment, human interaction, and mislabeling can add more risks than most people realize.

Debunking Superfoods #2: Whole Grains Are Marketed by Drug Companies

In the second installment of the Debunking Superfoods series, we discuss whole grains, which are grain products that keep the husky outside parts of the grain after processing.

Debunking Superfoods #1: Coconut Water Kills More Old People Than Bananas

One fad that has yet to completely go away are 'superfoods". This is the first segment in my Superfoods series, an in-depth look at the liquid gold of superfoods, Coconut Water.

My First Step to Recovery

…understanding you can only control your life.

The Plight of the Outcast

It’s not something he can repress by spending enough time in the locker room. So he chooses to spend his time seeking out meaning, seeking out real truth by reading books and discovering real, true music and learning to manifest his own visions into some tangible creation that might bring another person joy in this cold, dark world.

Everybody Should Support Universal Healthcare

Although access to healthcare is considered by the UN to be a human right, more and more Americans are finding that they cannot afford necessary medications, medical treatment, and medical insurance premiums.