The Environmental Impacts of Fracking in the United States

Our oil and gas companies, the media, and even the government agencies designated to protect us have led us to believe the process is safe. But is it?

Last Exit to the Road Less Traveled

"We are no longer at a fork. The fork is half-a-century behind us. The goal is not to get the superhighway to somehow re-route itself and follow the path less traveled."

The Big Three

So long as progressive leaders are allowed to back-pedal on this topic—to try, somehow, to go forward based on the old economics of “commodity” money—little progress can ever be made to address the Big Three challenges that are growing more formidable every day.

You are About to See Some Really Cool Green Renewable Energy Stuff

Green renewables are getting slicker, cooler, and more practical. This article contains a fair amount of link candy, so please ready your clicker and come along for the ride.

Where Safety Considerations Don't Matter; The Keystone XL Story

An pre-decision explanation on what will happen with the Keystone XL Pipeline, the present danger, and where people can go if they are interested in changing the circumstances.

Mainstream Media Helped Big Polluters Legitimize Climate Change Denial

Mainstream media outlets have lent credence to conservative think tanks funded by big polluters who have organized a concerted disinformation campaign for years to propagate climate change denial and skepticism

Republicans and Democrats Can Not Lead the Climate Change Charge

Today, people realize that there is a correlation between human activity and what happens in our environment. If we dump into rivers, we will pollute it for residents.

Fukushima and the Pernicious Lie of the Sustainability of Nuclear Power

We must look to truly sustainable options for any new construction and any incidence of governmental subsidy.

The Land Beneath the Pipeline: Standing Rock & Obama's Chance to #HonorTheTreaties

John Laurits explores the meaning of the United States' treaties with Native Americans in light of Standing Rock's resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

How We Can End Wars for Oil

Just think, if tomorrow we were to give up our dependence on fossil fuels and turn to 100% renewable energy, most of these problems would disappear. There would be no point in sending our troops to kill and be killed in the Middle East.

Open Letter on Climate Change

The failure to even address this issue ensures that it will only get worse faster, perhaps faster even than our ability to ameliorate the changes, or address their underlying cause. Wake up America! You have ALL the power, and you think you have none.