The Bernie Factor in Modern Monetary Theory

Does it make me crazy to hear Bernie Sanders talk about how he is going to pay for his programs?

Grumbine Dismantles the Neoliberal Patriarchy

What was supposed to be an informal debate on the program to discuss fiscal policy on a national level, quickly became a lecture as co-host, Joe Kernen, chose to belittle Dr. Kelton at every turn, going so far as to admit that he was, “mansplaining”.

Bernie 2020 - Lemmings Off A Cliff

If you want to know why Bernie isn't going to win in 2020, read on. If you're someone who childishly puts fingers in their ears and says "lalala I can't hear you," then move along.

Our Hearts Are Full

Too full for the powerful, not enough for the downtrodden.

They Are Competition, Not Opposition

Republicans and Democrats aren't actually fighting each other, they are fighting for the same dollars!

We Want Rakes

To clean up the mess created in Washington by Austerity.

The 40 Year Slide

The lies were baked into the school system, newspapers, sit coms, political debates even cartoons took the ideas of neoliberalism into the hearts and minds of our children...the people.

The Abuse of Ruth

Liberals shouldn't force a justice to do the job they should do themselves.

Be Careful What You Clap For

All wins aren't actually wins for progressives, especially when policy isn't the most important thing involved.

Onward Christian Soldiers

The world is watching. If you believe, then God is watching too.

Wednesday November 7 --- And What Comes Next

'OK, what do we do now?' We help each other up. We dust off the debris. We count the casualties, supplies, and ammo. We briefly mourn the dead. Then we keep fighting like hell for each other.

Democrats, Did It?

Someone, please stand at the ready to call Anthony Weiner for a clean up on aisle left.

Blue Wave 2018?

Unfortunately, if they are not careful, they will lose the gains they made tonight in two years if they do not try to govern and instead choose to only obstruct.

Sorry About Hurt Feelings of Non-MMT Economists

I know you think all MMT advocates act and speak as one, so here, let me treat you all as one entity and tell you on behalf of all of us, why sometimes we might come across a bit testy.

The New 'Queer' Scare

This is the age of disinformation to be sure, but this is playing on that peer pressure... that pressure that says "what, are you gay?"

A Christian Take on Progressivism

As we know, the Christian Right has a conservative bias when it comes to politics. That bias does not often line up with the words of Jesus Christ.

Progressives #Insist; Liberals Only #Resist

Because we #Insist on a better world, we cannot be complacent.

Justice For All

This is about as low as a political party in its unmitigated desire for power can get.  

The Danger of Hope

People are conditioned to be cynical. They confuse cynicism for being "woke". Hope is a bridge too far for many.

Tone Policing Must Stop --- NOW!

Our lives depend on actual change, no matter whom the message might offend.

Work Together to Understand and Build

Don't let narratives by others dissuade our shared purpose.

Regarding Sen. McCain

Honor the man but not what policies he represented.

Vote For the Candidates You Want

An explanation of Approval Voting, a better choice to enhance democracy and eliminate strategic voting.

Bernie Sanders Has a Major Problem

Yes, Bernie has a major problem: his most loyal followers.

End the FEDish: Redirecting Our Anger and Efforts to Save the World

Not "believing in" the insights coming from the MMT lens is denying the institutional reality of how money is created and operationalized

Why I Call Myself a Real Progressive

You cannot stand for progress if you are unwilling to change things that need to be changed.

Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Be To Learn MMT

It’s a resolution to destroy harmful and outdated economic mindsets.