Justice For All

Once it appeared that Judge Kavanaugh had lied in his earlier testimony about his involvement in various political hi-jinx, including spying on Democrats and supporting torture for the George W. Bush administration were going to be ignored by Republicans who view any act that does not hinder their reach for total political authority as irrelevant.  

The Danger of Hope

You can sell the hope and boundless possibilities that come with understanding Modern Money or you can focus on the evils and death of neoliberalism. Both are equally true and both are equally necessary to understand and communicate.    I hate spending all my time having to slam the devils of neoliberalism but the issue is most don't understand that they themselves are accidental neoliberals and therefore part of the problem.   I hate having to force the mirror to come out and bite them. But the mirror stares back hard.    It is why folks can long for polite neoliberals instead of fighting for actual progressives who say and want the same things. They are too busy being distracted by the spectre of Donald Trump to see the evil in their own midst.    Evil is evil regardless of whether they have a (D) or (R) next to their name.   But hope is tricky.   People are conditioned to be cynical. They confuse cynicism for being "woke". Hope is a bridge too far for many. The idea that we can have nice things has almost been socialized out of their consciousness.   Hope is scary.   Hope is dangerous.   Hope can cause extreme joy and a positive mental attitude or it can cause the pain to intensify should the hope prove to he a let down.   But without hope, what is the point?   To me, the only real and actionable way to have hope is to #LearnMMT.

Tone Policing Must Stop, NOW!

Our lives depend on actual change, no matter whom the message might offend.

Work Together to Understand and Build

Don't let narratives by others dissuade our shared purpose.

Regarding Sen McCain

...Honor the man but not what policies he represented

Vote For the Candidates You Want

An explanation of Approval Voting, a better choice to enhance democracy and eliminate strategic voting.

Bernie Sanders Has a Major Problem

Yes, Bernie has a major problem: his most loyal followers.

End the FEDish: Redirecting Our Anger and Efforts to Save the World

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) represents a lens from which to view the various operational levers within the macroeconomy. It is simply the observable facts about how the monetary system works. Not "believing in" MMT is, in essence, denying reality.

Why I Call Myself a Real Progressive

I have a desire to improve the world by seeking better solutions to its problems, to create equity and agency among all human beings outside of ideology, and to do so ceaselessly without yielding my own analysis. This desire makes me not only glad to accept the label of progressive, but to proudly claim that I am in actuality a Real Progressive.

Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Be To Learn MMT

In 2018, for the sake of your family, your friends’ families and for every American family facing financial hardships, make your new New Year’s resolution to learn about the reality of our nation’s economic system, to learn MMT, and when you’ve done that, teach someone else what you’ve learned. Together we can spread this knowledge and save lives by answering that age-old progressive agenda-killing question: ‘how are we going to pay for it?’

Rage Against Austerity

I woke today with an inner rage that can only come from experience and knowledge.   This winter, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be on the streets homeless, without food, shelter or heat.   Families will break up from financial distress. Kids will be dealing with life insecurities, bullies who capitalize on weakness and observers will judge "misbehavior" versus dig deeper for the real root causes.   45,000 suicides from joblessness will occur and many more will unsuccessfully try to take their lives in despair.   Millions will suffer from food insecurity or poor nutrition because of financial destitution, austerity and  Calvinism.   Millions will die from pollution and the environmental destruction from contaminated drinking water. Airborne illnesses from air pollution will kill or severely damage their lungs as well.   Hundreds of thousands of minorities, vulnerable from years of systemic and envrionmental racism will die attempting to survive by living in alternative economies from unregulated prostitution to slinging drugs and gang related violence.   Many women will suffer the effects of rape and be forced to self-medicate, have unsafe, unregulated procedures and even commit suicide from a lack of available,  affordable services.   Millions of individuals suffering from mental illness will go untreated, commit suicide, commit murders, destroy families and end up in jail as opposed to a medical facility...   All because the people are more worried about the tone of activists sharing the econonic truths to fix all of the above... tone policing.    And ultimately because of austerity. Cutting federal spending. Tax cuts for the rich and not Medicare for All, student loan forgiveness, free college for all, a Federal Job Guarantee,  Green Energy and an overall dereliction of duty to serve the people by our "elected representatives". Voters are easily distracted and politicians gleeful of our short memories.   #LearnMMT #FuckAusterity #GetSmart #RiggedElections #ShortSightedness #DNC #TaxScamBill

My First Step to Recovery

…understanding you can only control your life.

Just Help Disaster Victims

The horrific hurricanes that have destroyed so much of Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and the US Virgin Islands, along with the fires in California has been traumatic for all the people who live there. It's a shame, but let us not lose focus on what the real problem is. It's not the people of Texas. We should use our best efforts to put the money in where it's needed at both the state and federal level. It's much easier to blame other people than to force our politicians to take responsibility. Be it at the state or the federal level, I guess it's a lot easier to just watch people die than it is to help them. And we all know that Monday morning quarterbacking isn't going to help the situation. 

Bridge The Divide

The struggle has been going on throughout the course of history; but especially in the United States, what we are dealing with on a daily basis is a systemic display of the evils of racism. Many people will claim that there's no solution; others will claim that the solution will never come from the token programs the government tries to implement. Ineffective Band-Aid solutions are proposed as temporary solutions to the permanent problem.

Maintain Your Focus

When talking about movements and protest and the reasons why they do not work, the issue at hand is that people or groups are too focused on what I will call "the Kodak moment" — a snapshot of a moment in time when they are not driven to act on one specific point, but rather by a thousand different points

A Letter to Joy Ann Reid from a Gay Black Millennial with a Disability

Although I am young and have little to no experience in the realm of corrupt career politicians or their party I do want to cover the issue of identity politics and why establishment Democrats are making it worse. This article will help you see through the eyes of a person with a disability, and how I view the world around me. So stay tuned!

Incidence of White Privilege: Part 1

Something that Real Progressives stands for is the eradication of racism and any other kind of inequity in our society. Part of the process of doing that will be getting white people like me (and anyone else for that matter) to recognize the privileges we get from just being born to the right color parents, and talking about them openly to try and reach as many other people as we possibly can. My hope is that this will be just the first of many pieces written by various people both within the RP organization and anyone else who wants to talk about it. Perhaps we can create an anthology of real discussions of white privilege by both those who benefit from it and those who have been harmed by it.

MMT is Relevant to Everyday Life

Someone asked me - no - I lied - someone told me - MMT is not relevant to the average voter, the average American - it is irrelevant - then proceeded to tell me that Paul Krugman said it was a joke. He could not be less accurate but his critique is relevant because many do not pay attention and yet they wonder why they march in place.

Help All, Not Just the Elite

It's time for a systematic change. I believe we need to take a good hard look at our government programs, how they are failing us, and the draconian rules that have applied for too long to systems that should be designed to help those in need and those who are oppressed.

Stop Settling and Fight

It's time to stop settling for crumbs and empower ourselves to get what we need.

#BREAKING: Sen. Paul Proposes Free Market Experiment

#BREAKING: Libertarian Republican Senator, Rand Paul, wants to make bankrupt and economically distressed areas exempt to labor laws and other similar regulation

#BREAKING: Congressman on 3 Month Streak Without Face-To-Face Town Hall

#CallToAction: Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC7) refuses to face his constituents. The last time that he faced those he represents at an announced, face-to-face town hall or "coffee with your congressman" event (based on our research) was April 14th, 2017. What has he done with the 27 days that the House has had off of Capitol Hill since then? (Not counting weekends!)

Fight for Medicare for All Together

I've been watching the news and listening to people discuss the current plight of health care in America. The present health care bill, which is now before us, made me decide that I needed to express my opinion about this pressing matter.

#WARNING: DWS Now Claiming To Be A South Florida Progressive

South Florida Regressive Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is claiming in a new job ad to be a Progressive! 

Can This New Group Elect Bernies in South Carolina?

In the late 1970s, Bernie Sanders and his supporters started the Independent Coalition to address a then Red rural state in Vermont. And they did this to create the conditions for real progressives to be able to viably run for office. It resulted in Bernie being elected to Mayor of Burlington as a Socialist, electing down-ticket progressives to support him, and eventually breaking into Congress as an Independent.