Why I am a Real Progressive

I decided to become a Real Progressive so I could tell the truth about the things the elite don't want us to know.

A Journey Through a Failing System: Special Education

Growing up in a era where able-bodied children were not educated on the circumstances of the disabled, I was made fun of a lot. I was called rude and unforgiving names, and treated as a thing instead of as a person. It made it almost impossible for me to make friends. I can personally say not only does it affect you in your early years, but it also affects you in your later years as well. It has cost me many relationships in my life.

Demand What You Deserve

We have more than enough to feed and house and clothe EVERYONE, but we don't demand it because they've brainwashed us into thinking we don't deserve it. FUCK THAT! We don't need a resistance, we need a REVOLUTION of mind, body and spirit! The kind of revolution that changes how we see the world.


There are many benefits to eating salmon which cannot be disputed. However, the environment, human interaction, and mislabeling can add more risks than most people realize.

What I've Learned At Real Progressives

While we may disagree and probably are a little rough around the edges, we're also fiercely loyal, dedicated, and driven. We are a family. A family of people who learned to work, to strive, to dream, and to succeed or fail together. A family of people who answered a call.


In the second installment of the Debunking Superfoods series, we discuss whole grains, which are grain products that keep the husky outside parts of the grain after processing.

We Must Hold Our Leaders Accountable

In the United States of America, and throughout every state, the infrastructure of our highways, airports, and especially our water supply are in dire need of repair.

Why I Call Myself a Real Progressive

I have a desire to improve the world by seeking better solutions to its problems, to create equity and agency among all human beings outside of ideology, and to do so ceaselessly without yielding my own analysis. This desire makes me not only glad to accept the label of progressive, but to proudly claim that I am in actuality a Real Progressive.

Trigger Warning: Women's Rights Have Little To Do With Race

Women's rights, by definition, can't be expected to advocate issues that affect the rights of men and male-identifying individuals. Nor can they effectively advocate for race issues.


I recently made a live stream video ["WEIGHT LOSS MARKETING IS BULLS**T"].  If you were able to watch the stream, you've heard my story of yo-yo dieting and my spiral through the marketing fat-shame game that is the business of fad dieting.  One fad that has yet to completely go away are 'superfoods".  This is the first segment in my Superfoods series, an in-depth look at the liquid gold of superfoods, Coconut Water.

The People's Convergence Conference Was A Breakthrough For Progressive Cooperation

The People’s Convergence Conference brought so many new ideas and strategies together, which will only strengthen the burgeoning coalition. One thing is for sure, a new era of progressive cooperation is beginning to take shape.

A Letter to Joy Ann Reid from a Gay Black Millennial with a Disability

Although I am young and have little to no experience in the realm of corrupt career politicians or their party I do want to cover the issue of identity politics and why establishment Democrats are making it worse. This article will help you see through the eyes of a person with a disability, and how I view the world around me. So stay tuned!

Democrats could be working class heroes again.

Establishment Democrats say that the working class abandoned the party but why does it seem more like Democrats abandoned the working class? Gaining back voter trust is key to winning elections. 

Why I'm Crazy Enough To Run For Congress At 25

Clearly, it's time to rethink our traditional standards of what constitutes a proper candidate.

Fundamentalist Finance (formerly known as sound finance)

Fundamentalist finance is a doctrine, usually espoused by ill-informed politicians, for the operation of government consisting of two tenants; Government is just like a household and must balance its budget. Government debt is an immoral burden upon our children. It’s all bunk.

Single Payer: The Left's Best Shot At Winning Again

Judging by the humiliating defeat of Trumpcare today, I don’t believe Republicans really thought they’d have the chance to repeal Obamacare. Conservative lawmakers, mostly elected on the premise of repealing the ACA, have had years to draft and perfect a plan to save our healthcare system, making them the heroes they pretended to be.

The Current Corporate Coup

The loss of democracy is an inevitable result of the ascension of unelected political power. Over the past 40 years in the US. we have witnessed the return of this cyclical phenomenon of our capitalist economic system--the gradual rise of corporate control of government--which has occurred every 70-80 years since the founding of the nation. Paralleling the increase of corporate power, and directly related to it, is the widening of the income/wealth inequality gap between the 1% and the balance of the population. Economists tracking that gap found that it peaked in 1928, the year before the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression. It peaked again in 2007, the year before the onset of the recession we have not fully recovered from. An amazing concordance. Of course, for people of wealth, those crises were special opportunities to become even richer. Failing business were bought by the vultures for fire sale prices; and homes in foreclosure were scooped up for pennies on the dollar.

#DemEnter Lives Matter!

And, I am already being “trolled” by so-called progressives, that want nothing more than to create chaos for the Dems, like Donald Trump does to the GOP.

Creating a Society that is Of the People, By the People, and For the People

​The Left stands agape at the precipice of the Trump presidency; a long and excruciating rollercoaster climb through the first couple of weeks of bad decision after bad decision, waiting for the horrifying freefall when the shit hits the fan. We had felt the emergence of Bernie Sanders signaled the beginning of a great movement to fight for the people but instead have been given the least qualified person in history for the most powerful job in the world who is beholden only to himself, his circle of Bond-esque cronies, and the corporate interests that serve the wealthy and no one else. It is incredibly disheartening and can feel overwhelming. What are we supposed to do? How can we reverse this? How can we turn the tides?

Truth & Unity

Opinion: Truth is the key to unification. There is where we find common ground and success.

Fort Lauderdale Shooter: More Proof that War is Making us LESS Safe!

These wars are making us LESS safe, not only because they are creating more terrorists abroad, but they are creating more terrorists right here in our own nation.

Solidarity and Embracing a Diversity of Tactics

What is the best political strategy moving forward? #DemEnter? Third party? Mass uprisings in the streets? Answer: All of the Above

The Plight of the Outcast

Anyone who will tell you to stop crying is in denial of their own humanity. It’s as absurd as pushing pharmaceuticals to prevent suicide before asking a suicidal person, “What’s wrong?” It’s the same flawed logic that makes this society such a wretched place to exist.

Never Forget 11-9

Never forget the outrage we felt in the wee hours of the morning on 11-9, when we saw state after state fall, Hillary conceded, and the markets started to crash!

The Return of the Blacklist: What's next -- Book Burning?

How the establishment is trying to 'blacklist' progressive sources as pro-Russian

On Losing Hope and Reclaiming It In a Season of Rebellion

Why we should never lose hope amongst the despair of this election season.

When Free Speech Kills

White Supremacist terrorist groups in this country use our 1st amendment right to promote hate crimes.  Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have been murdered because of the hate crimes committed by these groups, yet our government turns a blind eye.  This is genocide and a human rights violation of monumental proportion.

Russian Attacks on John Podesta, DNC Leaks Are Fake

Bottom line, the Russian conspiracy is a myth, for both Podesta Leaks and DNC Leaks. I will prove it.