Through The Distortion, Flickerings of Illumination

As these examples show, our overseas mass killers, the military, provide the U.S. persona with an edgy chaos that's psychopathically hip in a Training Day meets Apocalypse Now sort of way.

Not Radicals, but Self-Propagandizers & Fashionistas

Just as Move On and the Tea Party, in spite of yelling angrily at each other across the ideological divide, both lead us to the same voting booth that is owned lock, stock and barrel by big money and the two mainstream parties, so all fashion statements from avant-garde to proletarian to conformist lead to the same place: the feeding of the capitalist maw.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 2

Our flesh no longer exists in the way it once did. A new evolutionary stage has arrived.

Identity Theft & the Body's Disappearance, Part 1

This is the new socialization, identity eugenics, in action. 

Techno Capitalism: A Fever Burning Everywhere

This is the information storm that never ends. How should progressives and other leftists navigate it? How should anyone navigate it?

Discard the Fiction in the Coffin --- Find the Real MLK

Thoughts on the sanctification of Martin Luther King   

Remapping the Beginning: Freeing the Nation's Foundation Story from its White Supremacist Chains

We can't merely take to the streets periodically. We must take to the streets and stay there until we turn the corner on what kind of country we want to be. But other actions are needed too. Among them is the coincident development/acceptance of a cohesive vision, one that doesn't merely view white supremacy as a morally flawed value, but that recognizes it as integral to U.S. history as we know it. This means that moving forward on this issue requires a massive rewrite of U.S. history in order to show the ways in which white supremacy has defined the nation from the beginning. It also means confronting all the nation's institutions in order to root out white supremacy's hidden presence within them.