Fukushima and the Pernicious Lie of the Sustainability of Nuclear Power

We must look to truly sustainable options for any new construction and any incidence of governmental subsidy.

The Coming Clinton Security State

The internet is the last bastion of free access to information, and I am not willing to go lightly toward allowing them to censor its message based on a political declaration.

Clinton Transcript Excerpts Show the Real Clinton

In a event so ironic it would lead to copious laughter were it not so serious, emails hacked from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta have finally given us a glance at some of the content of Hillary's secret Wall Street speeches.

Hillary's Ambitions

They chose the establishment. The establishment that is lining up neoconservatives to endorse Hillary. The candidate that both Bush presidents are voting for. The one that you actually believe is a progressive. The candidate that may well blunder into the 21st century equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis but with Syria.

Hillary Vs. Trump, And The Overton Window

The times themselves demand that we voice our frustration loudly and clearly. We must admit that, in the words of Chris Hedges, democracy is no longer functional in the United States of America. We are subservient to the politics of the monied aristocracy.

Pardon Edward Snowden

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden is a referendum on the state of the state in America today. His case is the epitome of the eternal struggle between authoritarian statism and utilitarian statism.

On 9/11 as an Anniversary of Consequence: Where do We Go From Here?

When we find ourselves in the midst of a presidential election where the choices of Republican and Democratic party are beyond abhorrent, we have no choice but to face the evil inherent in our history.

The Dakota Access Pipeline and The Struggle For Water As a Human Right

The issue, in the end, is whether our government will be forced to serve humanity or to serve the private interests of those who would be predators upon it.

Frack Capitalism

By now everyone should understand that free market capitalism is as much of a farce as trickle down economics. By and large what we have is socialism for the affluent and austerity for the disadvantaged.

The Haymarket Riot: Birth of American Labor Day

Progressives should understand its origin, and the sacrifices those who gave all made to establish the what little rights we now have in order to continue the struggle for a living wage.

Jill Stein in Denver, CO and The Reasons She's My Candidate

On the domestic front, she recognizes that we need living wages; and that we should take whatever steps move us in that direction, without giving up the ultimate aim of actually getting there.

Powell Memo

In 1971, some 45 years ago this week, an otherwise mild-mannered lawyer named Lewis Powell penned a manifesto that served as a battle cry for the 1%.