Hey Joe, Where Ya Goin With that Poll in Your Hand?

You can say what you want about Joe Biden. In fact there is quite a bit to say, mainly because he’s 76 with a half a century in the spotlight of public service. He’s also human.  Like all of us he has strengths and weaknesses. Plenty of recorded history to pull apart or accentuate to create a political hero or villain. One thing I do like about Joe is that whatever is on his mind usually doesn't stay there. He’s not only a member, he’s a founder of Gaffaholic club for men. So I was pleased that he saved us all from having to say things about him by announcing that he is unfit for office.

They Are Competition, Not Opposition

Republicans and Democrats aren't actually fighting each other, they are fighting for the same dollars!

We Want Rakes

To clean up the mess created in Washington by Austerity.

The Abuse of Ruth

Liberals shouldn't force a justice to do the job they should do themselves.

Managed Expectations

Remember when Martin Luther King Jr. urged the disenfranchised, 15% of the population, to relax and leave their aspirations for equality in the hands of the Democratic party leaders?  Remember the speech he gave at Hunter College on Human Rights day? Remember the line, “Let my people go, but only a few at a time because covering all at once is too idealistic and impractical? Neither does anyone else. It was all or nothing and it was already 178 years overdue.

Be Careful What You Clap For

All wins aren't actually wins for progressives, especially when policy isn't the most important thing involved.

Onward Christian Soldiers

Something is stirring in the “Heartland”. Perhaps the finger of God. A Christian movement is taking place and growing. A rallying of Christian soldiers marching as to war. To be clear, the intent is spiritual. A pacifist movement. It’s focus is on re-establishing the basics of that great Religion. Not with swords but with a plowshare and seeds of faith and hope. This is not a tent revival stuffed with emotional sermons. These are true believers, Invested in the concept that God’s message is best conveyed through peace and example. Walking the walk, they are instruments displaying to the world the power of faith, not only in the Almighty but in the values which shaped America.

Democrats, Did It?

Well, the Democrats pulled off the impossible: they managed to win back the House. A feat accomplished against the underwhelming odds of this normally happening. Since 1960, the average loss for a sitting President’s party is twenty-two seats. Sometimes that tips it. Sometimes it doesn't. We now have a blue puddle lying on the floor of Congress. I have a feeling it’s going to rest on this win and just lay there cranking out prewritten legislation full of poison pills to create the appearance of activity. Someone, please stand at the ready to call Anthony Weiner for a clean up on aisle left.