Nebraska’s Most Progressive Gubernatorial Candidate May Become the Republican Nominee

If you want to support Gabel, the most progressive candidate on either side, you still can.

Where Safety Considerations Don't Matter; The Keystone XL Story

An pre-decision explanation on what will happen with the Keystone XL Pipeline, the present danger, and where people can go if they are interested in changing the circumstances.

Republicans and Democrats Can Not Lead the Climate Change Charge

Today, people realize that there is a correlation between human activity and what happens in our environment. If we dump into rivers, we will pollute it for residents.

What is Modern Economics?

Money is no longer a finite amount for a monetarily sovereign nation, and as such, the federal tax and spend model we used to subscribe to no longer fits how we now perceive to generate currency, and employ the unemployed. Before we look at that we must first define some terms and dissect their significance.