A Journey Through a Failing System: Special Education

I was called rude and unforgiving names, and treated as a thing instead of as a person. It made it almost impossible for me to make friends. I can personally say not only does it affect you in your early years, but it also affects you in your later years as well.

We Must Hold Our Leaders Accountable

In the United States of America, and throughout every state, the infrastructure of our highways, airports, and especially our water supply are in dire need of repair.

Just Help Disaster Victims

Be it at the state or the federal level, I guess it's a lot easier to just watch people die than it is to help them. And we all know that Monday morning quarterbacking isn't going to help the situation.

Bridge The Divide

If we have the right economic policy that serves the needs of the people instead of the corporations and the wealthy, it will go a long way toward eradicating the cancer of racism from our society.

Maintain Your Focus

If you look at the protests throughout history, every one of them had a single issue—a single purpose—and they did not waver until the appropriate action was taken.

Help All, Not Just the Elite

Freedom should not belong only to the people who make 7- or 8-figure salaries, but to all of us regardless of our race, our beliefs, or what we do to survive. For what is life if you cannot enjoy it? I always say that America can truly be a great country, but only if we choose to make it that way.

Born Free

We do not need to agree with everyone's point of view, particularly when it may be hurtful. But the manner in which we are acting is destroying the very fabric of our free republic.

Alice in Wonderland

The only way we're going to fix this problem is to stop feeding the monster and listen to those who tell us the truth, whether we like it or not. Because in the end, the choice is truly ours. Either we listen to those who speak the truth and educate us, or we continue to listen to the Jabberwocky.

The R.O.A.D

Without humanity and compassion, no one can or should represent society. How can you when you sit up on Mount Olympus so high and look down at your fellow human beings, who languish in poverty and struggle to make it through each and every day?