A Journey Through a Failing System: Special Education

Growing up in a era where able-bodied children were not educated on the circumstances of the disabled, I was made fun of a lot. I was called rude and unforgiving names, and treated as a thing instead of as a person. It made it almost impossible for me to make friends. I can personally say not only does it affect you in your early years, but it also affects you in your later years as well. It has cost me many relationships in my life.

We Must Hold Our Leaders Accountable

In the United States of America, and throughout every state, the infrastructure of our highways, airports, and especially our water supply are in dire need of repair.

Just Help Disaster Victims

The horrific hurricanes that have destroyed so much of Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and the US Virgin Islands, along with the fires in California has been traumatic for all the people who live there. It's a shame, but let us not lose focus on what the real problem is. It's not the people of Texas. We should use our best efforts to put the money in where it's needed at both the state and federal level. It's much easier to blame other people than to force our politicians to take responsibility. Be it at the state or the federal level, I guess it's a lot easier to just watch people die than it is to help them. And we all know that Monday morning quarterbacking isn't going to help the situation. 

Bridge The Divide

The struggle has been going on throughout the course of history; but especially in the United States, what we are dealing with on a daily basis is a systemic display of the evils of racism. Many people will claim that there's no solution; others will claim that the solution will never come from the token programs the government tries to implement. Ineffective Band-Aid solutions are proposed as temporary solutions to the permanent problem.

Maintain Your Focus

When talking about movements and protest and the reasons why they do not work, the issue at hand is that people or groups are too focused on what I will call "the Kodak moment" — a snapshot of a moment in time when they are not driven to act on one specific point, but rather by a thousand different points

Help All, Not Just the Elite

It's time for a systematic change. I believe we need to take a good hard look at our government programs, how they are failing us, and the draconian rules that have applied for too long to systems that should be designed to help those in need and those who are oppressed.

Fight for Medicare for All Together

I've been watching the news and listening to people discuss the current plight of health care in America. The present health care bill, which is now before us, made me decide that I needed to express my opinion about this pressing matter.

Born Free

I was sitting back and thinking from a historical point of view how many blessings we've been offered by our country's founders. We have a nation where people can be just about anything they want to be, believe in anything they choose to believe in, and read and write and do whatever they wish. In many countries this does not exist, and for the most part, will never exist.

Alice in Wonderland

I'm sure many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents reading us the story of Alice in Wonderland: a story about a girl who magically enters the land where things are not what they appear to be. In fact, everything is the opposite—wrong is right, right is wrong, left is right, right is left, and so on. Much like the United States today.

The R.O.A.D

For a long time in our political history, we have defined our political parties by a single letter: 'R' for Republican and 'D' for Democrat. I have been giving this a lot of thought and I think that there should be a better way to signify those letters. We should instead redefine what the letter 'R' and the letter 'D' represent.