Will You Fight for Someone You Don't Know?

We are all responsible for making this world a better place!

The Future of the Bernie Sanders Movement

An Open Letter from Steve Grumbine to Progressives Everywhere

Neoliberalism at Work through the Universal Basic Income

This simplistic, incorrect, and devastatingly neoliberal plan of instituting a Universal Basic Income will be the final blow against the public purpose and General Welfare Clause as well as an effective coup for the rightwing to establish cash payment as opposed to the services millions desperately need.

The 40 Year Slide

The lies were baked into the school system, newspapers, sit coms, political debates even cartoons took the ideas of neoliberalism into the hearts and minds of our children...the people.

The Danger of Hope

People are conditioned to be cynical. They confuse cynicism for being "woke". Hope is a bridge too far for many.

Tone Policing Must Stop --- NOW!

Our lives depend on actual change, no matter whom the message might offend.

Work Together to Understand and Build

Don't let narratives by others dissuade our shared purpose.

Regarding Sen. McCain

Honor the man but not what policies he represented.

Truth Above Party

Nothing gets done until we all understand macroeconomic reality.

End the FEDish: Redirecting Our Anger and Efforts to Save the World

Not "believing in" the insights coming from the MMT lens is denying the institutional reality of how money is created and operationalized

The Truth About 'Printing Money'

If government spending is just "printing money" then taxing is simply "unprinting money". It's a circuit.

Rage Against Austerity

Voters are easily distracted and politicians gleeful of our short memories.

My First Step to Recovery

…understanding you can only control your life.

How I Came to Learn MMT

The truth about how money actually works, and the road to the truth...

MMT Works Today

So let's save the planet now instead of tearing down the system first!

How Progressives Can Win Big

Casting out the Spirit of Defeatism, One Keystroke at a Time

No Time to Waste

We have to act like we are diving in front of a bullet shot at our child when considering how important it is to learn and educate others about #MMT.

MMT is Reality

Diagnosing economic problems without MMT as a guidepost is like a guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn pretending to be a doctor.

MMT is Relevant to Everyday Life

Things become the orthodoxy because at some point - something was elevated to eradicate a prior understanding. In our present day, we suffer from monetarism, Neoliberalism, and fears based on non-existent systems that prevent us from demanding more from our representatives and fighting for our existence with knowledge and confidence.

Stop Settling and Fight

It's time to stop settling for crumbs and empower ourselves to get what we need.

Help Real Progressives

Please consider donating to Real Progressives to help us with our start- up costs as a contribution to our efforts within the revolution we are all fighting. Your support is critical in our efforts to challenge the establishment.

Stay Awake: Orwell's 1984 in 2016

What will it take to wake the masses from their slumber and make them fight that which seeks to destroy? What will it take to make the world rise up and demand truth?

Don't Confuse Progressivism With Libertarianism

The same invisible hand will take over, and all the things you hate about capitalism will reign supreme in your life. Libertarianism is the epitome of capitalism.

Economics Bores Far Too Many People For Progressives to Make Real Progress Last

Your kids are not strapped with debt. Just the debt of ignorance we place on them by repeating debt and deficit myths.

What is a Real Progressive?

Progressive reformers had worked for political, social and economic change within the traditional two-party system for decades before they established a third party