Community QE, Digital Greenbacks, and the Expansion of Democracy

Join our June National Outreach Call with special guest Robert Hockett.

We Can Prevent a Great Depression, It'll Take $10 Trillion

In this article in The Atlantic, Derek Thompson lays out a plan on how we can prevent a Great Depression for 2020. He writes about the legislation already passed and then puts together a new plan to cover those areas not covered by the CARES and HEROES acts: 

Finance Plans to Profit Off the Pandemic - How We Can Stop Them

Our guest speaker for May is Emma Caterine, a consumer attorney, board member of Modern Money Network, and member of Democratic Socialists of America. She spoke of how finance is profiting during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the coming recession. She also talked about organizing, with a look at what needs to be done by and for working people to be freed from financial exploitation and the debt trap. 

Planet of the Humans: Documentary Critique by Mike Ewall - Part 1

This is Part One of a fascinating and important interview. Look for Part Two to dive deeper into these serious problems. To fight for real solutions, we must be armed for knowledge.

The Fed's Response to the Coronavirus Depression

Nathan Tankus discusses how the federal government should respond to this crisis on our April National Outreach Call.

The Economic Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Levy Institute presents policy prescriptions that not only address the crisis at hand but look into the future to deal with effects not yet seen. 

March 2020 National Outreach Call

Rohan Grey is the special guest for the March 25th call at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT. His topic is The Politics of Digital Currency.  

February 19: National Outreach Call featuring Lua Kamál Yuille and Mat Forstater

Join Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action volunteers on Wednesday, February 19th, at 9 pm ET for a Zoom call presentation. Special guests Lua Kamál Yuille and Mat Forstater will discuss uniting and fighting for social and economic justice in the age of Trump.

National Outreach Call - Framing MMT with Bill Mitchell

What makes the world go ‘round? If you believe it is money, you will want to join Real Progressives and special guest, Professor Bill Mitchell, on a Zoom call on Wednesday, January 22nd at 9 pm EST.

Green New Deal - Our Path to Progress

Take one economics professor, one founder of a non-profit, independent, educational media outlet, one Harrisburg activist and several local environmentalists, and what have you got? Talent, power and real life stories, blended with the knowledge of knowing how today’s economy works and the power of the people who fuel that economy.

Fight For The Future All-Day Epic Livestream June 11, 2019

Our own Savage Joy will appear on Fight For Our Future at 5:30pm Eastern. She will be one of multiple internet stars, senators and public figures fighting to defend net neutrality in this epic livestream from 8am-6pm Eastern.

The Seven Knowledge Areas Summary

Areas of knowledge? Correct! Let’s get serious about how we, the people, can absolutely improve our health and quality of life with a little knowledge.  

Dear Robert... An Open Letter to Robert Reich & Friends

Dear Robert... an open letter to Robert Reich, asking for an explanation for why changed his message and turning his back on progressives when we needed him most.

Who the Mainstream Media Chooses to Cover During a Newsworthy Event is Just Wrong

The bombings that occurred in the Chelsea area of New York City and Seaside Heights, NJ, illustrated once again how the media anointed presidential candidates will address terrorism while in office.