Marrying the Social and Economic Revolutions

One of the biggest divides I've seen on the Left is not knowing whether to focus on social issues or economic issues, or believing one is vastly more important and the other is irrelevant.

State of the System

When I say “the system,” I’m not talking about just one aspect of it. It isn’t just politics or economics, but everything that has an overarching control on our lives.

Demand What You Deserve

We don't need a resistance, we need a REVOLUTION of mind, body and spirit -- the kind of revolution that changes how we see the world!

Why I Call Myself a Real Progressive

You cannot stand for progress if you are unwilling to change things that need to be changed.

Incidence of White Privilege: Part 1

My hope is that this will be just the first of many pieces written by various people both within the RP organization and anyone else who wants to talk about it. Perhaps we can create an anthology of real discussions of white privilege by both those who benefit from it and those who have been harmed by it.

The Federal Government is like Chuck E. Cheese: MMT as Analogy

Chuck E. Cheese is a great analogy for the fiscal policy of the federal government because they are both “currency” issuers. The reason why this is all so important to understand is that MMT has far ranging implications for the progressive movement not just nationally but globally.

Intersectional Dismantling of Systemic Racism

So while everything everyone else may be doing is vital to the cause, the systemic racism will not stop until those who have perpetrated it for centuries are made to realize what they’re doing. What we’re doing.

The USA should be Ashamed of its Electoral Process

It is absolutely imperative that the two-party system within the United States be shaken to its core. Do you really think the myriad expressions of human experience can be sufficiently represented by two corrupt and exclusionary parties?

Power in Politics and Why it Matters

How do we get past the miscommunication over terms and really understand that ultimately, we the general populace want the same kinds of things? In my mind, one thing we should be talking about is power.

Creating a Society that is Of the People, By the People, and For the People

If we can create a media visible movement that does not end, we can shift the political tectonic plates of the US. The DNC has largely ignored the Left because we have been fundamentally silent and complicit in their governing. No more.