We Told You So - The Four Words We Did Not Want To Have To Say

But we kept trying to warn you. Even though we were treated so terribly by so many, still being called names for refusing to support either establishment candidate, because the problem is THE SYSTEM that allows such horrible choices to be the result of systematic corruption that has become accepted by most.

Dr Ajamu Baraka Interview at U of MD Green Party Rally

In speaking with Dr. Ajamu Baraka, Green Party candidate for Vice President said at the Green Party rally at the University of Maryland, about Standing Rock, the nature of revolutionary resistance and our expectations of it, I asked how he felt about the fear that people are succumbing to again in our national elections

Jacqueline Luqman Interviews Misty K. Snow

Misty K. Snow is a prime example of how a regular American can make a difference in the political process. Formerly a cashier in a grocery store, Misty saw that Jonathan Swinton, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Utah, was aligned more and more with policies and special interests that were against the principles she believed in, and the things that were important to her. She watched with growing concern as no one in the Salt Lake City Democratic community challenged Swinton on his avowed Conservative values – even as he identifies as a Democrat – and made a crucial decision; she decided to run against him. With no experience in running for public office, Misty – who was working as a grocery store cashier – felt her way through the filing processes and deadlines to declare her candidacy and get her campaign off the ground. She had only one person who supported her to work on her campaign at the time, but with that person’s help, Misty was able to speak to several groups that traditionally support the Democratic party, and earned the support and admiration of many of them. Even as a transgender woman in religiously-conservative Salt Lake City, Utah, Misty has earned the support of many. According to her, “They don’t care about who I am. They only care about the issues I represent.” It is certainly groundbreaking that Misty is one of two transgender candidates running in this year’s elections; but what is even more spectacular is that she is a serious contender for the Democratic Senate seat, deciding to run for office when she was “just” a cashier in a grocery store. Regardless of the outcome of Misty’s race, her story serves as an inspiration and a wake-up call to the rest of us: there is nothing to stop you from changing YOUR world. Nothing.

The Double-Edged Sword of Talking About Addressing Police Violence - The Example of SF 49s CEO

Recently, San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York pledged one million dollars to two Bay Area charities to work for economic and racial justice. This was a critical acknowledgment of the need to address some of the issues that Colin Kaepernick's protest has raised, considering Kaepernick is receiving death threats for his actions

Panel Discussion with Laura Christian on Plaintiffs For Justice Panel

The average American citizen is programmed to believe that they cannot fight the powers that be for fair and just treatment. 

Why We Cannot Accept Milquetoast Compromises

"This bill isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing" is part of how we got the monster that is the 1994 Crime Bill. That is what was said of that piece of legislation and how legislators viewed what they finally came up with. We are not willing to repeat the same mistakes today that were made then.

Let's Stop Ignoring The Benefits of Union Membership For All Workers, Not Just Union Members

Like the history of America itself, the history of unions is America is...complicated.  From the corrupting influence and control of some unions by organized crime, to the public demonization of unions that ramped up as a result of Ronald Reagan's firing of striking, unionized federal air traffic controllers in 1981, unions have been both vilified by crony manipulation and a powerful tool for the advancement of workers' rights and expansion of benefits. 

Our Revolution is Hindered by Its Nonprofit Structure

As much as we respect Sen. Sanders for starting this Revolution, the formation and organization of Our Revolution has proven to be unnecessarily messy and ineffective in doing what we believed the organization would do: support down-ticket Progressive candidates.

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare; the first Red Scare is why I'm not afraid of Trump.

Let's talk about the Ajamu Baraka comments

Real Progressives' Jacqueline Luqman talks about the Ajamu Baraka comments, what he REALLY said, and what he REALLY meant, and what that means for us going forward.