We Told You So - The Four Words We Did Not Want To Have To Say

So maybe if some of your friends who "didn't like" Clinton are silent, it is because they are out of words to say, other than, "I told you so." But not all of us are silent. And after we have taken some time to recuperate and connect with loved ones, we will never be silent again.

The Double-Edged Sword of Talking About Addressing Police Violence - The Example of The San Francisco 49ers CEO

‚ÄčIt is great that Mr. York put his money where his mouth is and is willing to help organizations in the community do critical work. It would be nice if he and others in power would become less afraid to tell the truth about law enforcement.

Panel Discussion with Laura Christian on Plaintiffs For Justice Panel

The average American citizen is programmed to believe that they cannot fight the powers that be for fair and just treatment. 

Why We Cannot Accept Milquetoast Compromises

Considering the disaster that the 1994 Crime Bill was and the horror that this generation of activists grew up in because of it, we should not be so suicidal as to approach this type of legislation in the same way ever again.

Let's Stop Ignoring The Benefits of Union Membership For All Workers, Not Just Union Members

On this Labor Day, let us not overlook the importance of unions in the fight for workers' rights, and let us redouble our efforts to strengthen unions for the benefit of all workers in America.

Our Revolution is Hindered by Its Nonprofit Structure

Time will tell, and we shall see, but in the meantime, we at Real Progressives will continue to do the work by promoting transparency and educating the public by improving access to information the mainstream media fails to cover.

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare

Resistance to Progressivism is just the New Red Scare; the first Red Scare is why I'm not afraid of Trump.

Let's Talk About The Ajamu Baraka Comments

Real Progressives' Jacqueline Luqman talks about the Ajamu Baraka comments, what he REALLY said, and what he REALLY meant, and what that means for us going forward.