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Bernie Sanders STRUGGLES to answer how he will PAY for his programs

In a 60 Minutes interview, Bernie Sanders struggles to explain how to pay for his programs. He only does so because we haven't learned how money actually works. If we understood this, Bernie could tell the truth and no one would be able to hang him with his own words.   It's actually very simple: in order to be able to pay taxes, you need money. For you to get money, the government must first spend currency into existence, which it does when it provisions itself. That currency is then circulated through society and eventually reaches your pocket. Now you can pay taxes. In this video below, Steve Grumbine explains exactly what we need to know:    

Resources NOT Dollars

Money has no power without labor, raw materials, ideas, and other resources.

What Dr. King Really Wanted

We don’t really recognize the economic movement that Dr. King tried to establish nor do we pay enough attention to his prophetic words on the dangers of centrism.

Blue Wave 2018?

Unfortunately, if they are not careful, they will lose the gains they made tonight in two years if they do not try to govern and instead choose to only obstruct.

A Christian Take on Progressivism

As we know, the Christian Right has a conservative bias when it comes to politics. That bias does not often line up with the words of Jesus Christ.

Progressives #Insist; Liberals Only #Resist

Because we #Insist on a better world, we cannot be complacent.

Why I Am a Real Progressive

I decided to become a Real Progressive so I could tell the truth about the things the elite don't want us to know.

The Red Scare is Back to Distract (Updated)

The Neoliberal disaster known as the DNC is trying to distract us from their corruption by bringing in the Russian Red Herring. They will succeed if we aren't more discerning of their tactics.

Solve Racism With MMT

Recognize that racism is only a method of division that works to enslave the majority of the populace. It's time we recognize the real problem (economics) and work together to solve it by implementing strategies using the knowledge of economic reality (MMT).

We Told You So...But Now It's Time to Heal

Now is the not the time for progressives to gloat or liberals to lash out. It is time to learn and regroup behind better policies.

Tim Canova Introduces Progress For All

It is obvious we need an organization that actually represents progressives values and is willing to support progressive candidates. Tim Canova has created an alternative: Progress For All

Breaking News: Another Fatal Police Shooting in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC; Keith Scott, a disabled man, was shot and killed by Charlotte police officer Brentley Vinson, today around 4pm EDT.

Terence Crutcher Dead at the Hands of Tulsa Police

It seems that police still are not getting the memo about shooting unarmed citizens who are following instructions. As seen in the video below, Terence Crutcher was following police instructions while having his hands up. He puts his hands on his vehicle and then is shot.

Ahmad Khan Rahami Wanted For NY Bombing

The FBI identified a person of interest related to these incidents, Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was determined to have placed a duffel bag in the area around Chelsea.

7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy

The presumption of innocence by those perpetrating the frauds is characteristic of Professor Galbraith’s cynically gracious approach.

Progressives Need to Understand Labor Day

In reality, Labor Day itself is a way to keep labor ‘under control’. As union membership has declined more than 50% over the past 40 years, the middle class of America has shrunk drastically.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #HowToConfuseAMillennial

What they weren't accounting for was that millennials are much craftier and witty than they thought. They quickly took over and re-appropriated the hashtag.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #ClintonsMemory

Regardless of whether she is suffering from mental loss due to health issues or if she's using it as a cover to conceal details, the outcome has been the same. She cannot recount crucial details related to national security.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #Yeson62 #NoOn66

Many people on Twitter are outraged by the thought of speeding up the process of executing people whom often are mentally ill, poor, etc. just to 'save' the state money.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #VeteransForKaepernick

Well, it seems that these people didn't ask actual veterans about their stance. Many have said that they served because it gave Americans the freedom to protest in the exact manner that Kaepernick did.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #ColinKaepernick #Respect

What a lot of people don't know is that the lyrics behind the national anthem after the first verse that we know are tinged with racially-charged words.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #SinglePayerSunday

This hashtag was selected because single-payer healthcare is a goal that is near and dear to Real Progressives. It might be the most important one considering health care costs are causing many issues with the economy in general.

The American Dream - The Lie That Shackles US

You would think that after generations of this going on, we would wise up and see that this ‘LIE’ is causing more trouble than it should but alas, we are still blind.

Green New Deal - A Prescription for American Prosperity

We cannot continue this path and expect the world to become a better place for our children. It is for this reason that we should consider solving the ills of our country with the prescription known as the Green New Deal.

Obama, Clinton And A Permanent State of War

Begun by Bush but continued under the neoliberal policies of Obama, the baton will be passed to Clinton, who never met a war she didn't like.

Saving Our World For Future Generations

It is highly important that we start to implement methods that will help to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Our world is telling us that it cannot tolerate more damage without our ways of life changing drastically.

Do Not Vote Your Fears

In the end, only the American public suffers when too many of us succumb to fear politics. We can no longer think; we just end up fearing whatever bugbear-of-the-week that the 2 party system puts in front of us.