The Youth of a Nation

I'm not a liberal, though i wish for liberty

I'll never be a CEO and sell my soul for money

I'm not a conservative, religion is not my forte

I don't want to be rich, they could eat me someday

I don't like parties, the hangover sucks

I don't follow celebrities, couldn't give two fucks

I'm not right or left wing, I have arms and hands to hug

I'm not a doctor, what I deal ain't drugs

I’ll never run for office, I hate cubicles and clothes

I could never be CIA. Tell me a secret? I’ll disclose

I don't agree with the duopoly, empty promises, and no fight

I'll never fit in with businessmen, my language is not polite

I don't like politics, these are human issues to solve

I've never seen REAL freedom, don't tell me it's evolved

You can judge, assume, you can think you know

But you WILL be wrong, just like you were long ago!

Article Democracy