Gotham Is Burning

We must do something to help those who go without treatment for their mental health issues for reasons of poverty, and we can’t lean on the state's limited budgets to provide this aid any longer.  We need a federal program like Medicare for All to provide healthcare, and in this case, mental healthcare to all.  

The ABC Act, Platinum Coins, & Seignorage

Grey and Tlaib’s proposed coin is an existing legal avenue to bringing the current economic reality out into the light, out of the obliqueness of a set of laws not just arcane and archaic but also engineered for subjugation, and into the mainstream discourse. In this, the coin is not just an economic issue, or about the law, it’s an opportunity to improve upon an unjust system of perpetual inequality.

Sign In to Dine In

Sign In to Dine In is urging every restaurant owner to voluntarily initiate a policy of asking one member from each party seeking to dine inside to provide their contact information in a register before they are seated

Propaganda Weaponized

Mainstream media has weaponized propaganda to control us and divide us. It is designed to keep people from thinking for themselves.

The Green New Deal Will Save Fossil Fuel Workers & Their Communities

It is a simple decision, do we let the people who kept America growing for decades go hungry? Or do we support their communities, their productivity, their dreams, and their dignity while we transition them to the new engines of our economy? 

Disband The Police

As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done.  Laws to change, customs to break, people to hire for jobs that will help heal our community instead of harm it.  The first thing to do is to defund or even disband your local police.  From there, we may begin to build stronger, more cohesive communities. 

Peace Is Not the Result of Violent Repression

Pain is an essential function that calls attention to a problem; the worse the problem, the worse it hurts. As this pain deepens and becomes more consequential in the wake of George Floyd's murder, demands for peace and order directed at demonstrators are clearly made in bad faith. The underlying condition must be addressed before it will stop causing pain - without justice, there can be no peace.

The Long Overdue Call to Abolish Predatory Policing Policies

We need to stop wasting our communities’ resources arming and training the police to more effectively protect the rich and fill up jails,... and instead invest in raising the standard of living for all in our communities, addressing crime at its source... Poverty.

Community QE, Digital Greenbacks, and the Expansion of Democracy

Join our June National Outreach Call with special guest Robert Hockett.

Trans People at High Risk for Unemployment, Study Shows

The issues facing the transgender community are complex and require robust, creative, people-centered political solutions. These solutions may scare those people who believe in keeping government spending low, but are necessary to protect ALL Americans, including transgender Americans.

The Time for Medicare For All Is Now!

 If you believe healthcare is a human right, one protected by our Constitution, as I do, then we must work together to support a single-payer, M4A system.

My Case for a Livable Wage

Capitalism’s most fundamental rule is: if workers have no money then business has no customers. Today, with our economy at a practical standstill and federal politicians more interested in serving their donors rather than the people, this is more true than ever before. This sad reality is slammed into all our faces as we waddle through this Covid-19 pandemic.  

Help Save the USPS From Privatization

HR6407 is a purposefully horrible law and a gross miscarriage of justice that continues to this day. No other government agency at any level nor any federal contractor or private company has been mandated by law to fund retirement accounts 75 years into the future. The damage done to one of our national treasures by this law continue

We Can Prevent a Great Depression, It'll Take $10 Trillion

In this article in The Atlantic, Derek Thompson lays out a plan on how we can prevent a Great Depression for 2020. He writes about the legislation already passed and then puts together a new plan to cover those areas not covered by the CARES and HEROES acts: 

Sanders Delegates Join Fight to Keep NY Presidential Primary

If New York succeeds in canceling the presidential primary, the hundreds of passionate, committed volunteers who worked with Simran and Kathryn to get Bernie Sanders on the New York ballot will likely feel that all their efforts were for nothing; they could not only become demoralized, but stop being involved in political activism.

Christian Progress

A new series of articles from the co-editor in chief about the intersection of progressivism and Christianity.

Finance Plans to Profit Off the Pandemic - How We Can Stop Them

Our guest speaker for May is Emma Caterine, a consumer attorney, board member of Modern Money Network, and member of Democratic Socialists of America. She spoke of how finance is profiting during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the coming recession. She also talked about organizing, with a look at what needs to be done by and for working people to be freed from financial exploitation and the debt trap. 

Planet of the Humans: Documentary Critique by Mike Ewall - Part 1

This is Part One of a fascinating and important interview. Look for Part Two to dive deeper into these serious problems. To fight for real solutions, we must be armed for knowledge.

Let Off The Hook...Again?

Will the self-serving, socially destructive proclivities of those whose only purpose in life is to usurp all the wealth that can be usurped be allowed to continue doing so in perpetuity?

Now that Joe Biden is the Nominee, How Do We Save Democracy?

It’s time to acknowledge that Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s candidate for president. Now we must decide what to do in November. Replacing him at the convention is not on the table, and wasting time with anti-democratic fantasies won’t help our movement at all.

A Worn Out Welcome

The ancient dictates have been taken seriously and apocalyptic dominion over the very earth has been seriously taken.

Old Narratives Die Hard

Opponents of Bernie Sanders’ progressive proposals warn us, "Even if you raised taxes to 100% and drained every single dollar in the United States, that still wouldn't be enough to pay for Bernie’s programs." We admit it: this is true. Nathan Locke explains why that’s never been the point.

The Fed's Response to the Coronavirus Depression

Nathan Tankus discusses how the federal government should respond to this crisis on our April National Outreach Call.

Never Enough

For those who seek to be masters of the universe at the expense of whoever and whatever might get in their way, enough is never enough.

COVID-19 Proves Our Point

Now that the government is dishing out money over a healthcare crisis, the "ounce of prevention" that Medicare For All would provide is looking better and better than the "pound of cure" we're currently employing. In fact, Nathan Locke notes that a Progressive system would ameliorate a gigantic portion of many other problems we're having as well.

Breaking News 93 Days

A Poem About These Present Days With Covid19

Culling The Herd

Think about the common objective being satisfied here...two birds with one virus.

Book Review: Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody

You might even pick up a few valuable survival tips! 

Will You Fight for Someone You Don't Know?

We are all responsible for making this world a better place!

The Future of the Bernie Sanders Movement

An Open Letter from Steve Grumbine to Progressives Everywhere