Bernie 2020 - Lemmings Off A Cliff

If you want to know why Bernie isn't going to win in 2020, read on. If you're someone who childishly puts fingers in their ears and says "lalala I can't hear you," then move along. If you're still here, your next bet is probably to trash my intentions, so you're probably thinking "this guy is just a radical Marxist or a Green." Well, I'm not. I want Bernie to win. I  just  know he won't, and I think you're all delusional for thinking he will. Sorry.

Savage Joy Meets Her Mate! By S.J. Benson

Joy welcomes journalist par excellence Aaron Mate to discuss his take on a variety of issues.  Formerly of The Real News, Democracy Now and Al Jazeera, Aaron is now working for The Nation primarily as a social justice reporter.  This is an extremely interesting and informative interview with one of the brightest young minds in journalism today, who looks below the surface in order to report on the full story, not just the tag lines.  A Savage Joy you don’t want to miss!

Hey Joe, Where Ya Goin With that Poll in Your Hand?

You can say what you want about Joe Biden. In fact there is quite a bit to say, mainly because he’s 76 with a half a century in the spotlight of public service. He’s also human.  Like all of us he has strengths and weaknesses. Plenty of recorded history to pull apart or accentuate to create a political hero or villain. One thing I do like about Joe is that whatever is on his mind usually doesn't stay there. He’s not only a member, he’s a founder of Gaffaholic club for men. So I was pleased that he saved us all from having to say things about him by announcing that he is unfit for office.

A Federally Guaranteed Job in the Hour of Kale

In recent years, there has been a growing affection for what was once a relatively obscure form of vegetable matter in the United States. This green leafy plant is the new super-food that will cure cancer, extend your life indefinitely, increase your libido, and even raise your IQ! This green baby, brassica oleracea, known as kale, has hit the airwaves hotter than Popeye’s love tryst with spinach and has thoroughly relegated broccoli, soybeans, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and many other contenders to 3rd string status, benched indefinitely.

Apolitical Descriptive Currency Analysis is Anything but Flamboyant…… in response to John Tamny

There have been quite a few hit pieces written on MMT aka Modern Monetary Theory in recent months. I assume much of this has to do with the meteoric rise of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her connection to MMT economists such as Stephanie Kelton and Pavlina Tcherneva. There are people amongst us that have either a philosophical or opportunistic need to stop the momentum that MMT has picked up in recent years. I recently read a truly egregious article by John Tamny published the 27th of January in Forbes titled, The Flamboyant Absurdity of 'Modern Monetary Theory'.

MMT Is No Joke - The Joke is How It’s Used

Bloomberg published an article by Michael Strain (director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank) on January 17 entitled "Modern Monetary Theory is a Joke That's Not Funny." As a convert from the "tax-and-spend" theory to MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), I believe there are some major misunderstandings in this article that deserve correction and deeper examination.

Real Progressives Behind the Scenes

We have had meetings now for months, and every week we would report progress and occasionally mention the bigger picture.  This time I asked each member to flip it around and make their focus the bigger picture.

But what can I actually do about election justice?

Cheerleading progressive favorites isn't enough to save the world, and neither is proclaiming that the system is hopelessly corrupt. Here are some things we can actually do and spread the word about to pave the way for better candidates and better policy in the future.


A comprehensive but time sensitive solution to head off oligarchy and plainly resolve the absurdity regarding the heinous Citizens United/ McCutcheon decisions. It's a viable plan to repair our campaign finance issues so we can get necessary representation, then resolve our economy so we can use it.

Why Modern Monetary Theory is a Serious Idea for a Serious Time: A Response to James Pethokoukis

Understanding how our economic system really operates can give us insight into how we turned ideas into a prosperous reality in the past, and how we can do so again in the future.  MMT is an area of economic study which looks at the overall economy rather than particular segments of the economy.  MMT has been in the news lately, having been thrust into the limelight by the 2016 U.S. Presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders, and the recent election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress.  MMT is now being criticized by economic pundits, particularly from conservative think tanks.  This commentary is a rebuttal to one such article.

Free Assange, Free My Job

Italian investigative journalist, Paolo Barnard, begins protesting for Julian Assange's freedom in front of the embassy of Ecuador, in London. On his website, we can read:

Italian Yellow Vests wants MMT

The movement of the Yellow Vests in Italy has officially adopted an MMT program.

Understanding MMT is Easier Than You Think

It's not 'advanced economics', it's 'realistic economics'.

Our Hearts Are Full

Too full for the powerful, not enough for the downtrodden.

The Name 'Progressive' - Its Proponents, Would-Be Usurpers, & Wannabe Exploiters

An examination of the several camps calling themselves "Progressive" in the US today, with a discussion of the hsitory involved in how they came to be and the distinctions between them.

A Federal Jobs Guarantee is Crucial For Progressive Policies

Having a FJG waiting in the wings for people who are impacted by any of these disruptions in our economy, however well-intended, is crucial.

They Are Competition, Not Opposition

Republicans and Democrats aren't actually fighting each other, they are fighting for the same dollars!

We Want Rakes

To clean up the mess created in Washington by Austerity.

The 40 Year Slide

For 40 plus years, the neoliberal era has reigned. During that time, people have had little by way of resistance from the lies, deceit and self imposed prisons of ineffectual domestic governance and austerity. The lies were baked into the school system, newspapers, sit coms, political debates even cartoons took the ideas of neoliberalism into the hearts and minds of our children...the people.

The Abuse of Ruth

Liberals shouldn't force a justice to do the job they should do themselves.