Response to the Powell Memo: A Progressive Blueprint — Part I

What follows is a direct rebuttal to the original Powell Memo, in five parts, frequently using Powell’s own words, which instead offers a progressive plan to take back the country from the ravages the corporate oligarchy has committed on the American people and restore the freedoms and protections to which we are entitled.

A Plea For Economic Literacy

"Federal Taxation doesn't fund Federal spending" sounds like a simple statement, but for the amount of cognitive dissonance one sees when trying to express this idea to the unaware, it would be. The reason for this dissonance is because this information goes counter to the narrative pushed by our leaders and orthodox economists.

Modern Populism Resulting from Hegemonic Neoliberalism: How the Sanders Phenomenon Unleashed a Socialist Movement

On a macro-scale, the academic and political exploration of the “Sanders Phenomenon,” which are a series of events that unleashed a populist wave of democratic socialist political ideology within the U.S. electorate, has been mostly ignored. The purpose of this research is to explore, compare, and draw similarities in each author’s analysis to build a concise understanding of how the paradigm of previous generations’ support for neoliberal policies have affected the political revolution we experience today.

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Get to Co-Opt Racism and Misogyny Anymore

Hillary Clinton doesn't get to co-opt racism and misogyny anymore. She doesn't get to use the very real struggles of women and people of color to make excuses for why she was unable to beat a reality TV show host and failed businessman in her bid to become the 45th president of the United States. 

Republicans and Democrats Can Not Lead the Climate Change Charge

Today, people realize that there is a correlation between human activity and what happens in our environment. If we dump into rivers, we will pollute it for residents.

Establishment Democrats Have No Leverage Over Progressives Anymore

The Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders unity tour is forcing people like me to wonder if it's meant to create unity, or the illusion of it?" The unclear answer points to a much more foundational problem.

What is Modern Economics?

Money is no longer a finite amount for a monetarily sovereign nation, and as such, the federal tax and spend model we used to subscribe to no longer fits how we now perceive to generate currency, and employ the unemployed. Before we look at that we must first define some terms and dissect their significance.

Power in Politics and Why it Matters

How do we get past the miscommunication over terms and really understand that ultimately, we the general populace want the same kinds of things? In my mind, one thing we should be talking about is power.

Ignore the Establishment Narrative America

You know you should stop watching CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX etc (and stop looking at NYT for news) when the hardest hitting Donald Trump interview ever was in 1990 by an Asian-American woman not exactly known for being probing. Connie Chung is now 70 years old.

Lose-Lose: Who Is Beto O'Rourke?

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is a hard line Conservative and a gold standard activist, and he must go. But who is the "Progressive" running to unseat him?

The Death of PBS

The U.S.’ Growing Education Gap and the Elimination of Public Media

Social Security Cannot Go Broke!

It is impossible for Social Security to go broke. All it takes to see that is a ride on the subway.

The Trump Administration is Determined to Sink the Economy, Grandma First

To all those elderly who worked hard to make a decent life for themselves and their families, many of who served our country to protect the freedoms we (at least for the time being) enjoy, the Trump administration wants to thank them for all their contributions to society by ensuring they have as short a life as possible.

We Must Demand Medicare for All

By now, it should be clear that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats care at all about you. The GOP (Greedy Old Party) has always been known to be the enemy of the regular Joe, but we had been deluded into thinking the Democrats were the Party of the People. Wrong. If you are not among the super-wealthy, they want to kill you too.

The Current Corporate Coup

The loss of democracy is an inevitable result of the ascension of unelected political power. Over the past 40 years in the US. we have witnessed the return of this cyclical phenomenon of our capitalist economic system--the gradual rise of corporate control of government--which has occurred every 70-80 years since the founding of the nation. Paralleling the increase of corporate power, and directly related to it, is the widening of the income/wealth inequality gap between the 1% and the balance of the population. Economists tracking that gap found that it peaked in 1928, the year before the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression. It peaked again in 2007, the year before the onset of the recession we have not fully recovered from. An amazing concordance. Of course, for people of wealth, those crises were special opportunities to become even richer. Failing business were bought by the vultures for fire sale prices; and homes in foreclosure were scooped up for pennies on the dollar.

The Time Has Come to Rise Up

In just his first 10 days in office, Trump has managed to move the US toward a fascist state, endangering the lives of most of its citizens. How this occurred? Weren’t the Democrats supposed to resist every policy of Trump’s, much as the Republicans did during the Obama administration? For that matter, where are the sane, responsible Republicans who so vociferously expressed their dislike for Trump during the election cycle? It was baffling to see them do nothing as Trump signed yet another asinine executive order banning Muslims from 7 countries, an edict that belongs somewhere in the Dark Ages.

What If The Government Prints Money To Pay The National Debt?

If you think that "printing money to pay the national debt" causes inflation, then you do not understand how the monetary system actually works.

What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know: It Can Fully Fund Anything

What if I told you that everything we have been taught about US economics is wrong? Before your eyes start to glaze over in anticipation of boring economic jargon, let me acquaint you with 5 simple facts that might just wake you up.

Russian Attacks on John Podesta, DNC Leaks Are Fake

Bottom line, the Russian conspiracy is a myth, for both Podesta Leaks and DNC Leaks. I will prove it.

Real Progressives' Trending on Twitter #DrainTheSwamp

Donald Trump came in on promises to #DrainTheSwamp (meaning to remove all of the establishment inertia from Washington). It seems that he was just pandering to his constituents. He has instead decided to tap the heads of industry and the same establishment politicians he belittled to head his administration. The disdain of the public for his equivocacy is noted in the tweets below:

Fukushima and the Pernicious Lie of the Sustainability of Nuclear Power

Fukushima Daiichi was back in the news this week after another offshore earthquake triggered a new tsunami warning in the prefecture of the tattered nuclear plant. Fortunately, this time the tsunami was miniscule compared to the one that led to the original meltdown, but the problems at the plant, like the problems with nuclear power in general, remain both omnipresent and potentially catastrophic. It is imperative that we, as Real Progressives, realize that nuclear power is neither green nor sustainable, and that, like the petroleum infrastructure, we are forced to live with the myriad of established installations. We must look to truly sustainable options for any new construction and any incidence of governmental subsidy.

All You Need to Know about Neoliberalism-But Were Afraid to Ask

Neoliberalism has guided US government policy since the 1980s. Yet, few Americans really understand the concept behind neoliberalism. This essay provides a guide and examples of governmental neoliberal policies from Reagan's administration to the present day.    

Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Notice also, which items are NOT featured on this list...

The Stealing of America

Let's face it folks, unless we, the people, can find a way to clean up the elections, we will never get control of our government back in our hands. Instead, we will continue to be pawns to a government that hands the baton of power from one neoliberal politician to another. Although they may be of different political parties, all neoliberals are made from the same cloth. This is the reason that in the last 30 years, we've seen little difference in the governance of Republican and Democratic administrations. The main goal of the neoliberal agenda is to keep the power with the elites. Rigging voting machines and suppressing the votes are easy ways to keep fellow neoliberals in power.

Please Stop Protesting Donald Trump

It is your right to protest at any time, for any reason, but in the case of Donald Trump, it's important to ask yourself why you're doing it.

If Trump's Muslim registry is enacted I'll convert to Islam

I will convert to Islam if a Muslim registry passes legislation

The Third Party

Democracy in America is only a word now; nothing more than an ironic name for one-half of our openly corrupt government. The illusion of choice that is the two party system grew stagnant a long time ago, and in its stagnation it became repugnant. We are a ruled people. We have been so for longer than we care to admit because we are afraid. We are afraid of our masters, the rich and important people who write our laws yet walk above them. We are afraid of their power—and that's the trick; it's not actually their power, it's ours. We are their power. We sustain them, for now. They want us out of the conversation, though, that much has been made abundantly clear over the last year and a half. We're treated as livestock and encouraged to behave accordingly. The American people are not lead, we are herded. The Democrats defied the will of the people, and in doing so allowed a man to propel himself into the White House by harnessing America's helpless rage.

The Land Beneath the Pipeline: Standing Rock & Obama's Chance to #HonorTheTreaties

John Laurits explores the meaning of the United States' treaties with Native Americans in light of Standing Rock's resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Dear Robert... An Open Letter to Robert Reich & Friends

Dear Robert... an open letter to Robert Reich, asking for an explanation for why changed his message and turning his back on progressives when we needed him most.

The Divided States of America

Many are still digesting the news, and that is ok. This mess didn’t occur overnight, and neither will the solution.  But before too many Americans wallow in hopelessness and stick their heads in the sand for the next four (hopefully not more?) years, everyone must realize we are all going to have to do our parts to fix this. Someone must step in, and step up, and the more of us that do, the faster we can turn things around. Let us not waste too much time pointing fingers and being angry. Such behavior offers no solutions. Only actions can do that. Please, join us Real Progressives in the fight to turn this sinking ship around back to shore before it’s too late.  It is time for all of us to unite, whether you want to formally join us, or just participate in the revolution alongside us, this cannot be done without coordination and concentrated efforts. Are you in?