No Trump, You Don't Get To Evoke FDR

It's been said that Trump's infrastructure plan has all the hallmarks of an FDR-era public works program. Here's why that's not true.

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. II

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

The Plunder of the Golden Years

Senile Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other age related diseases are increasingly likely to touch all of us, from one side or another. ...And maybe from multiple sides.

Let's talk about the word 'theory' for a moment

This is how everyday miracles are thwarted by a lack of faith and foresight

The Science of Progressivism: Human Nature, Pt. I

The way we are made shines light on how we should live. The way the natural world is made shines light on the world we should live in.

Incarceration, INC.

Nobody should have a vested interest in anybody else's incarceration.

When Votes Disappear

Until they outlaw public monitoring of vote totals completely, this is one of the few methods we have to isolate problems ourselves.

Fear Will Not Kill Prejudice

...It will only drive our foe underground, where we can't face it.

If it's broken, FIX IT!

When we learn of corruption, why is our impulse to destroy the corrupted, rather than to heal it?

Who's Afraid of MMT?

If you turn it the right way, the thing that will kill us is the very same thing that can save us.

Duopoly is Dumbed-Down Government

Life is not black & white. We need government in full color.

Is the ACA Worth Saving?

While people naturally become alarmed over Trump's changes to the ACA, it's the similarities that remain that are the real killers.

Making Sense of Syria

Most of us have likely seen the horrifying images and videos coming from Syria for the last few years. Invariably, the news agencies bringing these images and videos to us present them as evidence of Assad's "brutal, totalitarian regime". But a little research paints a disturbingly conflicting picture.

These 4 Charts are the Future of America

Censored and lost within a mound of leaked DNC emails, these graphs are the results from 2 polling services, which asked 100,000 US high school students how they would vote in the 2016 election. The results will probably surprise you, even if you're sure they won't.

The Four Pillars of Oligarchy

If  nearly every day we're presented with yet another example of how justice should have been served, but was thwarted by a corporation's bottom line, then what type of government do we have right now?

Preachers Who Say 'Kill the Gays'

15 pastors in 12 states have now either publicly called for the murder of homosexuals, or praised the Orlando shooter. This isn't about politics or religion any more, this is about basic human rights.

Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Notice also, which items are NOT featured on this list...

Please Stop Protesting Donald Trump

It is your right to protest at any time, for any reason, but in the case of Donald Trump, it's important to ask yourself why you're doing it.