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Hillary Clinton Is Not Simply a Symptom of Our Corrupt System, She Is a Leading Cause

This opinion piece is by Saib Bilaval, a research scholar in modern and contemporary history at Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

Dear Robert... An Open Letter to Robert Reich & Friends

Dear Robert... an open letter to Robert Reich, asking for an explanation for why changed his message and turning his back on progressives when we needed him most.

The Land Beneath the Pipeline: Standing Rock & Obama's Chance to #HonorTheTreaties

John Laurits explores the meaning of the United States' treaties with Native Americans in light of Standing Rock's resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Divided States of America

Many are still digesting the news, and that is ok. This mess didn’t occur overnight, and neither will the solution.  But before too many Americans wallow in hopelessness and stick their heads in the sand for the next four (hopefully not more?) years, everyone must realize we are all going to have to do our parts to fix this. Someone must step in, and step up, and the more of us that do, the faster we can turn things around. Let us not waste too much time pointing fingers and being angry. Such behavior offers no solutions. Only actions can do that. Please, join us Real Progressives in the fight to turn this sinking ship around back to shore before it’s too late.  It is time for all of us to unite, whether you want to formally join us, or just participate in the revolution alongside us, this cannot be done without coordination and concentrated efforts. Are you in?

Occupy Inauguration: I'll #SeeYouInDC, My Friends

We reject the domination of Wall Street and the rule of our society by billionaire elites. We oppose the rigged political and economic system and we do so with the firm belief that another world is possible. To reach that world, we will need to build a united struggle and a Party of the 99%, free from the influence of large donations that has corrupted the two parties so that it will be capable of putting the lives of our people & the future of our planet over profit. Massive demonstrations in the capitol will send the message to our government that we stand in solidarity with all movements for racial, social, environmental, & economic justice and that we will not tolerate attacks on marginalized groups in our communities. Until our mis-representatives genuinely address our demands & grievances, we are removing our consent to be governed.