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The Silencing of the Whistleblowers

The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to balance individual freedoms with the powers granted to the government by the Constitution. As our freedoms are taken one by one, the government gains reciprocal power. The more power it gains, the more freedoms it will destroy.  With our government now shrouded in a envelope of secrecy, whistleblowers are almostly exclusively the only conduit between the government and the public. Without them, we will know nothing about the inner operations of our own government. In an effort to retain government power, the Obama Administration has cracked down on whistleblowers more than any prior President.   

Social Revolution 101: The Causes of Inequality

John re-frames socialism as an "economic technology" and explains the fundamental concepts of capital, labor, exploitation, & social revolution...

It’s Time to Stop America’s Wars and Take Back Democracy

What if I told you that, with the help of the mainstream media, we have been kept distracted with Clinton’s servers and Trump’s groping to keep us from being aware that our government has been funding the death of innocent civilians in the Middle East? It’s nothing new. Killing people is what we do. Perpetual war is good for the economy — or more specifically, for the few elites who make obscene amounts of money from the United States War Machine.

The Democrats Must Be Destroyed to Build a People's Party

The corporatist democrats know that a people's party, led by the living will of the majority, would easily defeat the GOP at the polls—and where would that leave them? What if the lukewarm incrementalism of the democratic party had to compete in a real democracy and not just against republicans?

MSM Blackout: All the News that is Not Fit to Print

MSM is deliberately not informing Americans of the issues that really matter, but instead focusing on trivia. In doing so, the MSM is controlling Americans away from the issues that actually matter the most to the corporations which own the MSM outlets. War has always been profitable for corporations, and modern times is no different. By steering Americans away from the wars waged by the US, and the warmongering candidate, MSM ensures that this policy will continue.